Avengers Infinity War

It’s The Avengers Infinity War Day

Marvel fans, where you at? Probably at the theatre right now, if you really are Marvel fans. What a journey it has been! Growing up watching our favourite Marvel superheroes in live action movies, crying with them, fighting with them, feeling all sorts of emotions watching their journey, oh what memories! It has all been leading up to something big, like this movie that just released today. The Avengers Infinity War is the third instalment in the Avenger series, a platform for all the superheroes to come together and fight for humanity. Everyone who has not followed the whole series won’t understand how this movie is not just a movie, it’s a global phenomenon. Today is not 27th April, it’s Infinity War day.

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What are we most excited about in this movie?
Just some things like all the heroes together (almost all), on the big screen for the very first time. It’s the biggest movie crossover in the history of superhero movies. Guardians of the Galaxy, the Avengers, Thanos and more come together to give us something that is not going to be anything less than a power packed action on screen. We’re going to scream, cry and root for our favourite superhero together and it’s going to be wonderful.

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What all do you need to watch Infinity War?
For starters, you need a partner who is just as crazy a Marvel fan as you are. You need someone to be by your side when you burst into a laughter on those stupid jokes or cry when something happens to your favourite hero (I’m not saying something will happen, just making normal conversation). Then, you need to avoid all social media pages till the time you don’t watch the movie because, despite the warnings, someone out there is going to spread spoilers. And lastly, you need to keep all your emotions in control because they’re going to be at their peak when you watch the movie.

Option 2

If you’ve already seen the movie, wait for your friends. When they’re done, have open discussions with your group and together admire how Marvel has done this job brilliantly. MCU deserves a million applauds of this.

Have a great Infinity War day, you guys!

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