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Things we want to see in the coming episodes of GOT

First things first, all hail The Mother of Dragons. Episode 4 came out today and nobody can stop going gaga over Daenerys, but really, did we ever need a reason? Game Of Thrones never ceases to amaze the audience, and while we have just reached the 4th episode, nobody knows what the other episodes have in store for us. We may not know what’s going to happen, but we sure do hope that the following things occur in the coming episodes, and that too ASAP –

1. Wun Wun smashing Ramsay’s head

Like he hadn’t done enough, in the fourth episode he killed Osha as well, who had been taking care of Rickon since such a long time. Something had to be seriously wrong with Myranda to be in love with this guy. Satan’s agent Ramsay is nowhere near stopping and wants to control Winterfell, and wants Sansa to be returned back to him. Now that we know Jon is going there, to take Winterfell back from him with his Wildling army, we can only hope that Wun Wun drags him out of his Chamber and smashes his head into pieces. Nothing compares to this, absolutely nothing. Not even ten pizzas can are as satisfying as this.

2. Jon Snow riding towards Winterfell

After receiving a hateful letter from Ramsay, Jon is pretty pissed. Sansa wants her home back, but it’s not going to be easy without an army. Jon has the Wildlings, and maybe it’s enough, but Jon has got to get out of Castle Black and avenge/represent the Starks. That’s the only way Ramsay can be defeated. Moreover, he has Rickon, and all of us know what Ramsay is capable of. Before he does what he intends to do, Jon has got to stop him, and maybe Jon can slay his head with his Valerian sword, but the idea of Wun Wun killing him sounds so much better. There’s a battle ahead, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.  

3. Drogon

This large beast was last seen in the last episode of season five where he was wounded. That’s when his mother was abducted by a Dothraki Horde and things got complicated. We’re done with episode 4 of season 6 and there are no signs of Drogon as yet. We thought maybe he would come and rescue his mother from Vaes Dothrak but Dany successfully rescued herself, with the help of Daario and Jorah. Maybe he’ll come in the next episode to give her a piggy back ride to Meereen, where she can take control again. They better start showing the dragons now, it seems incomplete without them.

4. Yara ruling Iron Islands

Theon Greyjoy was not really a favourite after what he did. Actually, we just wanted him to die. After Ramsay captured him and did what is worse than third degree torture, we really felt for Theon. After turning him into Reek, Ramsay made him do inappropriate to mention things, which made us feel for him even more. Now that Theon managed to escape from the clutches of Ramsay and placed Sansa in good hands, he returned to his home, the Iron Islands wanting his sister to rule the place after an unfortunate bridge accident occurrence that killed Balon Greyjoy. Yara and Theon are sibling goals, really. Yara better rule Iron Islands and for good.

5. Tyrion riding a dragon

Our Hero is stuck in Meereen, handling things in Dany’s absence. In the fourth episode we saw him negotiating with the Masters, which didn’t go quite well with Missandei and Grey Worm. Only Varys knows his ways and trusts him, Missandei and Grey Worm must too, but they kinda don’t. He’s Tyrion after all, he’s not like a wicked woman hungry for power (yes Cersei, you). All this we don’t care about at all, we know Tyrion is doing just fine. What we really want to see is him riding a dragon, which will prove another fan theory, which will result in ghost Tywin’s total ego destruction and fill him with repentance for always insulting “not his son” Tyrion. Yeah, Ghost Tywin, you better watch out now. “Not your son” Tyrion is going places. 

6. Bran’s vision

Writers, I know you love cliffhangers and want to keep the audience hooked till the end but this is not the way. Either you shouldn’t have shown the Tower of Joy flashback in the third episode itself, or should have completed it. What you did made us want to murder the three eyed raven, and let me tell you, such type of feelings shouldn’t come for an old man, but you made us feel that way. You didn’t show Bran in the 4th episode which was kind of expected, you skipped the poor guy’s whereabouts for an entire season. In the next episode, please show us Lyanna Stark in the Tower of Joy, so that our R + L = J theory is proved and we can all die in peacefully. So please, we need his visions.

7. Gendry

Sailing on a boat since Season 3 and nowhere to be seen there after, Robert’s bastard Gendry has a rightful claim to the throne. More rightful than Tommen Baratheon (should have been Lannister). The least they can do is tell us where he is. In the circumstances he left in, any sane person would settle in a place far known to anyone and lead an isolated life. It’s better than being molested by a witch (we’re still grateful she saved Jon but she had been a complete bitch to Gendry), and then getting blood sucked by leeches is not easy to recover from. We do want to know what’s up with that guy, even if he’s dead, we can take it, it’s fine. Jon was dead for one and a half years, it wouldn’t be more devastating than that.

8. Daenerys making a move towards Westeros

Since the beginning of the show, we’ve all seen Dany talk about how she’ll take back what belongs to her. While the east knows about the miracles of Daenerys Stormborn, the West is completely oblivious to what is up with this silver haired Mother of dragons. And it’s about time we get to see her make a move towards Westeros with the Dothrakis, The Unsullied and all her supporters. But for that, wandering around in the east has to stop. Yess she’s gathering her forces and everything but it’s been five years now. We could kill to see Dany on the Iron Throne, destroying all her enemies and showing Cersei who the real queen is. Come on Dany, you can obviously do this!


War is coming.

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