Social Life Is Dead

Signs That Your Social Life Is Dead

We live in a world where if most people where given a choice to stop talking to the human kind altogether, they would happily choose that. If you don’t know what social life is, you probably don’t have one. Social life means to be hanging out with a lot of people, talking to them on daily basis and always having someone to text. If you have been doing none for quite a long time now, your social life is probably dead. Humans don’t amuse you anymore and you have accepted your future that only includes you and your shadow, and probably your pet if you like animals. Following are the signs that your social life is dead –

1. The only people in your contact list are your family members, and it’s been two weeks since you last spoke to them.

2. If you were to meet an accident, you would never make it out alive because you have absolutely no one on your speed dial.

Social Life Is Dead

3. At any social event, you’re always lurking around with a glass of wine in your hand, judging people.

4. The lurking is so creepy that you’re almost never invited to any social event any more.

Social Life Is Dead

5. You are never approached by people because you have started to look like a psychopath now.

6. Your friends are limited to two people who only call you up on your birthday, or worse, leave a text behind.

Social Life Is Dead

7. Your idea of a perfect weekend is watching Netflix and eating potato chips while sipping wine.

8. The only piece of furniture you have in your house is a chair, that too one because no one comes to your place.

Social Life Is Dead

9. You spend more hours at work than at home which is a major cause of your dead social life.

10. You are reading this and nodding to each point, but you know you don’t want to change a thing.

Social Life Is Dead

Our social life is dead and we accept that. Thanks.

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