Female Friendships

Why The World Needs Female Friendships

It’s the year 2018 and if you’re not on the #GirlPower side already, you’re living in the 16th century, my friend. Years and years and years of oppression, backbiting, pitting against each other and taught to see other women as a competition are the stories of yesterday. Today’s women rise with each other. They don’t want to rule, they just want to be heard collectively. It’s such a beautiful time to be alive as you get to see so many female friendships around you. Here is why the world needs more female friendships –

1. They are fun
Female friendships are so much fun. We feel more free with each other than the boys around, so we are our true, crazy selves in front of the girls. A group of women have just as much fun as the boy gang. It’s a lot more than gossiping our hearts out.

Female Friendships

2. They are unconditional
When women make friends, it’s not because they want something from the other person. All they care about is their support and love, that helps them go through tough times. Unconditional friendships are seen everywhere, but most in female friendships.

Female Friendships

3. They are empowering
When you see a group of women always there for each other, you feel inspired to do that yourself. They liberate you from stereotypes, from years of false advertising that women can never get along together. They encourage you to make the world a part of one big family.

Female Friendships

4. They are beautiful
If you have ever had the privilege to witness female friendships or been blessed to be in one, you’d know that they are beautiful. Women friendships are inspiring. They constantly remind us how human relationships are pure, genuine and beautiful. We grow together, we live together.

Female Friendships

5. They rock
Honestly, is there anything better than watching two women completely supportive and uplifting each other? You see a group of friends together and you know that they’re already doing their best, being their best and living their best. And the best part about it? They’re doing everything together.

Female Friendships

A huge shoutout to all the female friendships out there. You go girls!

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