Creepy Guys At Bars

How To Handle Creepy Guys At Bars

If the title attracted you, I’m really sorry you had to go through that. The only thing worse than creepy guys is creepy guys at bars. I’ll explain why. Creepy guys when drunk, in a dark environment, get ten times more terrifying than they are normally. If only there was a tutorial or something that could help you handle them better. Wait, there is. Following are some ways to handle creepy guys at bars that you already wish you knew. But don’t worry, better late than never.

1. When they send you drinks after drinks, keep fake drinking it and asking for me. He’s eventually going to run out of money.

2. When you see a creepy guy approaching, catch hold of the nice guys around and start dancing. Explain it to them later.

Creepy Guys At Bars

3. Always have your girlfriends around you. The minute he gets up to do something inappropriate, your girlfriends have you covered.

4. Stand at the bar with a pepper spray. That will repel the creeps from approaching you and you get to enjoy your drink in peace.

Creepy Guys At Bars

5. When he tries to talk to you, keep interrupting him by saying something absolutely absurd that will make him regret approaching you.

6. Keep a revolver cardboard cutout inside your purse. The minute you see him coming, remove it. That should be enough.

Creepy Guys At Bars

7. If a simple ‘no’ doesn’t get through his tiny sized head, yell at the top of your voice so that everyone around is alerted immediately.

8. Team up with the nice bartender and insult the creep that he regrets his overall life, and not just approaching you.

Creepy Guys At Bars

9. Ask him if he is Team Ross or Team Rachel. No matter what he answers, tell him to leave immediately as there’s no winning with that question.

10. Slide a note to him that says it’s your number but in reality, it would be the police control room number of your area.

Creepy Guys At Bars

I really hope they call that number.

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