Kinds Of People Everyone Hates

Kinds Of People Everyone Hates

People in general are no fun. They’re judgmental pricks who you absolutely loathe but are forced to be seen with them due to societal pressures of belonging and social needs. You can still bear them, at least to a point, but then there are these sub category people who are the worst of the human kind. Each of them have their own reasons to be hated and disliked by a large mass of people. Following are the five kinds of people everyone hates –

1. Slow Walkers
You’re a person who is usually late. This is the story of every day. Sometimes, the alarm doesn’t ring. Sometimes, you hit it off and go to sleep. Everyday, you have to skip breakfast and run to work. And just when you think you can still make it to office on time, these people appear out of nowhere to cancel out all the plans you made of reaching on time. A million years pass by when they take their first step. And suddenly, you turn into a football player dodging them all off and cursing them in your head.

Kinds Of People Everyone Hates

2. Scholar Kid’s Mom
Open House during school days used to be the most dreaded day in your house. Your mom has your mark sheet in her hand, where you have managed to just pass. You go through your papers and realize the teacher hasn’t given you a mark but you don’t say anything because passing was a miracle in itself. Your mom is sitting there, happy that she wouldn’t have to pay the fees for the same year again, but the scholar kid’s mom is doing rounds at the teacher’s table hoping to get more marks when her kid has scored 100/100. Like seriously, fuck you, greedy woman.

Kinds Of People Everyone Hates

3. Kiss Asses
Every school/college/workplace has this one girl or boy who is hated by everyone. It’s not about their personality that affects others so much, it’s just their need to please the superiors making it impossible for others to even be noticed in front of them. At workplace, this is less annoying because the boss knows how the kiss ass thing works, but in schools, it’s a nightmare. They’ll get chocolates to bribe teachers, help them out in menial things and tell on others making it impossible for you to survive.

Kinds Of People Everyone Hates

4. Last Minute Ditchers
There’s always this one plan you look really forward to, at least once a month. You are really excited for this plan to work, asking people before hand about them coming. You even take permission from your parents just to make sure they don’t ruin your plan in the last moment. After months of preparing and getting excited for this thing to work out, which might be the only good thing going on in your life right now, there will be some people who will ditch in the last moment, ruining all your expectations in one second. Why are you even friends with them?

Kinds Of People Everyone Hates

5. Party Poopers
Not every day you get to celebrate happiness. It just come every week, on Friday and Saturday night when you can party like there’s no tomorrow. You get your squad together, all in one place, which is like a big task in itself that requires a week’s planning and coordination. You are set to forget all your sadness and drown yourself into alcohol. But how can the party poopers let that happen? They’ll get way too drunk, start puking everywhere, crying in front of everyone destroying the mood completely.

Kinds Of People Everyone Hates

You all suck, thanks.

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