Things You Need To Take While Traveling 

Things You Need To Take While Traveling 

Traveling is something you have to do on daily basis, without a choice. To work, go to college, or even have Manchurian gravy from your favourite Chinese outlet, you need to move and go around town. While on the go, you need to have a certain things that will help you avoid giving judgmental faces to others, get irritated and save yourself from this weather that feels like a 100 degrees. Following are the things you need to take while traveling –
1. Earphones 
A necessity more important than food nowadays (not really, please eat), earphones are numero uno on the travel essential list. Traveling without your earphones can be painful as you will be forced to eavesdrop on other people’s conversations and silently judge them. If you come across an irritating commuter, your earphones are like a saviour. Also, who doesn’t like to pretend like they are in a music video?
2. Sunglasses 
Sun has never been a friend. Apart from lighting up the world, it has never given us anything else. Sure, solar energy and vitamin D are some benefits, but what about the sweat and direct rays that can make you blind? What about that, huh? It’s February and it feels like the Sahara desert out here. You must have your sunglasses because you never know when the sun rays decide to attack your eyes.
3. Deodorant 
Having established the fact that the sun is really a bitch, with direct rays also comes a lot of heat that makes you sweat like a pig. You might think you smell like Shahrukh Khan, but really, you don’t. When you see people moving away from you within seconds of coming closer, you know you’re stinking. Sweat is involuntary, carrying a deodorant is not. Always move about with one as you never know whom you meet on the way. You need to be flawless all the time.
4. Jacket 
This weather is weird. In the morning it is incredibly hot, but in the evening, it gets cold. If you’re someone who is prone to feeling cold even in the slightest fall in temperature, always carry a jacket. You don’t want people to see you clattering your teeth, shivering with cold (rarely happens) and feeling uncomfortable. More than that, you yourself wouldn’t want to feel any of that. Carry a jacket and be cool.
5. Tad bit of sass 
It’s you, a person who cannot stay without being mean and sassy, or at least looking like one. why should you deprive others the view of this sass that has accumulated in you? While traveling, or any time of the day, carry your sass like a jewel and feel like a goddess/god all day. People should think you are unapproachable, which will make them stay away from you.
Good luck avoiding idiots.
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