Baahubali 2 Trailer

Baahubali 2 Trailer Is Out And We Cannot Wait

If there is one thing that everyone is dying to know, a question that has being doing rounds on Quora, Yahoo and Reddit for a long time, and that is why did Katappa kill Baahubali. Since 2015, we are all waiting patiently to know why did Katappa, the dude who seems to be on the right side, kill the hero, Amarendra Baahubali.

Baahubali 2 Trailer

The trailer is a total tease for us as we fans wants the feature film to be in front of our eyes right now. As we all know, Baahubali 2 will be taking us back to the story of Amarendra, how he fell in love with Devasena, how Bhallala Deva and his debauchery is going to end in the downfall of our hero. The movie will be taking us back to where Katappa ended the story in the first installment.

Baahubali 2 Trailer

Mahendra, Amarendra Baahubali’s son and the rightful king to the throne of Mahishmati is being told the glories of his father’s reign, the golden past of Mahishmati, which is now being ruled by the tyrannical Bhallala Deva. In the first part, we were told how Katappa killed Amarendra Baahubali, but the reason was not mentioned at all. We really don’t know if we should hate the guy or like him. It all depends on what were his reasons, which will be revealed in Baahubali 2: The Conclusion.

Baahubali 2 Trailer

Shown as an old lady, Devasena is a warrior in the trailer. She knows her ways with the sword, and looks absolutely stunning. It is pretty evident from the trailer that she chose Amarendra over the cunning Bhallala Deva, which didn’t go down pretty well with Bhallala. He lost the throne to Amarendra, but losing the girl was a bit too much for him to digest.

Baahubali 2 Trailer

Releasing on the 28th of April, Baahubali 2 is going to answer all our questions about this saga that will end with the movie. Aren’t you all excited to watch the epic battle between Mahendra and Bhalla Deva?

Watch the trailer here:


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