Why You Should Stay In This Weekend

Why You Should Stay In This Weekend

In some hours, the weekend will be upon us. The pressures of hanging out and doing something exciting like it’s the last weekend ever gets to all of us, you’re not alone. But let me tell you, it’s perfectly fine to do nothing sometimes. Some weekends can be chill, with you reading a book in the kitchen, sipping wine and hanging out with no one. Following are the reasons why you should stay in this weekend –

1. Noisy Restaurants
There are more than 7 billion people in this world. All the restaurants in the world cannot contain them. Dining out is definitely not an option. Firstly, to find someone with the same taste in cuisine is really difficult. Secondly, going out to a restaurant full of noisy people who like to disrupt other people’s eating experiences. Why would you want to be a part of this chaos?

Why You Should Stay In This Weekend

2. Terrible Traffic
To go places, you have to travel in your vehicle. You obviously can’t go to a club in a train. It will ruin your makeup and clothes. Traveling in a car is a painful thing. Traffic is pathetic in our city, making it impossible to reach our destination on time. You’ll be stuck between trucks and cars for life making you wish you had just stayed home. Why would you want to regret?

Why You Should Stay In This Weekend

3. Unpleasant People
You are friends with some people of this universe because they are like you in some ways. You don’t gel well with everyone because people are really stupid. Even when you don’t want to pay attention to them, they’ll make sure to get noticed and judged by you. But shouldn’t the weekend be just about you and no one else? People will never stop being unpleasant, but you can certainly avoid them by not going out.

Why You Should Stay In This Weekend

4. Stressful Week
Being you is not easy. Your job is not easy. Getting up every morning, snoozing your alarm every five minutes, skipping breakfast everyday because you’re late, trying to like everyone at work but still failing, and preparing yourself for the same for the next day is not easy. After these tiresome activities, do you really think you would have the strength to go out again in the weekend? No you don’t.

Why You Should Stay In This Weekend

5. No Food Sharing
This is probably the reason that will convince you to stay in this weekend. Going out means you don’t get to choose your favourite food. It will be brought according to the popular choice. Upon that, people will keep taking things from your plate even when you don’t offer them. You obviously cannot run away with the plate. When you stay in, you don’t have to share food with anyone. Sounds so much better, no?

Why You Should Stay In This Weekend
Antisocial weekend begins.

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