Introvert’s Guide To Spending The Weekend

An Introvert’s Guide To Spending The Weekend

Most people look forward to the weekend as they want to spend more time socializing with people. However, there’s a category of people who look forward to the weekend to take a break from communication and socializing. That’s right, the introverts are those people. If you’ve ever wondered how exactly do they spend Saturday and Sunday, here’s an introvert’s guide to spending the weekend. 

1. Sleep

Possibly the best way to spend weekends for an introvert is sleeping like there is no tomorrow. Not only does one not have to be present in this cruel world mentally, but also get transformed into the world of dreams where things are different. Sleep is the paradise of introverts, so if you want to know what your introvert friend is doing when they’re not picking up your phone, this is what they’re up to.

An Introvert’s Guide To Spending The Weekend

2. No human contact

Weekdays are stressful. Socializing without any will with people you don’t like is difficult. When you’re excited about Friday to socialize more on the weekends, introverts look forward to spending two days without any human contact because that’s something they love. They believe that a successful weekend does not involve any sort of unwanted communication. It brings them happiness.

An Introvert’s Guide To Spending The Weekend

3. Eating

Introverts have no big demands. Fancy dinners or being seen out grabbing some fries from McDonalds is not their kind of thing. However, they don’t compromise on one of the best things in life. Eating doesn’t necessarily involve any communication with the growth in technology. They either spend time making delicious meals themselves, or resort to online ordering of food. Food makes the best date.

An Introvert’s Guide To Spending The Weekend

4. Book reading

Not just book reading, but any hobby that does not involve a lot of communication is practiced on the weekends. While others are busy putting snap stories on Snapchat about loud music and gorgeous beaches, introverts like doing things that make them happy. If they get time from sleeping, eating and avoiding people, they like to spend time on things they love to do. Books make the best of friends.

An Introvert’s Guide To Spending The Weekend

5. Movies

2-3 hours of following other people’s lives without having to go outside is something that introverts would do. Who doesn’t love movies anyway? With Netflix and Torrent, it has become so easy to watch movies and ignore the world for some hours. Binge watching the Harry Potter series, or a Game of Thrones marathon, introverts find a way to spend quality time with the cinema and popcorn.

An Introvert’s Guide To Spending The Weekend

Life as an introvert is fun.

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