Types Of Annoying People

Types Of Annoying People

Every human being is a pain. By some laws that had been made when the universe was formed, it is necessary for people to interact. Maybe it was helpful in recent times but it is not today. Socializing sucks. And it sucks even more when all of the annoying people that exist in the world and forced into your life. And it’s not like you can do anything about it. Following are the types of annoying people that just love to irritate everyone –

1. Slow Walkers

Without a second thought, they are the most annoying of the lot. If murdering someone wasn’t a crime, the streets would be filled with fast walking people who know the value of time. Every morning when you’re late, you try to compensate all the lost time by making good use of your perfectly functioning feet and walk fast. Dodging people and hitting some of them with your elbow, you save quite a lot of time. But on a narrow bridge or road, you come across people who could stop time with their feet movement. They won’t even walk in the extreme right or left, but the center so that no one else behind them can have the pleasure to reach anywhere on time. Thanks for ruining every morning, ya’ll!

2. Slow Talkers

You are someone with ambitions. You’re a person who has a lot of things to do in life, but you like the drama too. For someone like you, a person who can convey things quickly without wasting a lot of time is needed. But sadly, life is not Disneyland. You can’t get everything you want. By now, you have come across so many idiots who take a century to say important things that now, you don’t even feel like talking to anyone. How difficult is it to make words crisp and brief so that we can all have a little laugh and move on with our lives? When you’re late to catch a train and you meet someone who says she has the best news about that girl you hated in school, but she just doesn’t get to the point and you’re standing there like, “could you speed that up girl, I got places to be.” Sigh!

3. Me, Myself and I

You’re already going through a lot in life. Bills, responsibilities, leaving the bed, these are some of the huge problems that you have to face in life and then you come across someone who just cannot stop blabbering about himself. Every time you think you’re doing well in your life and finally you’re on track, he’ll pop out of nowhere to tell you how he just got an Audi for himself (which isn’t true) and brings all your positivity down. And if you think it stops there, it doesn’t. You have a lifetime to listen to his list of achievements, and what is left behind is you with no hope. Sometimes you just want to smack the shit out of this person and tell this narcissistic asshole to stop with his lies, but you can’t because, well, laws.

4. Salad Eaters

In a world where pizza, pasta, noodles and french fries exist, you can for sometime ignore all the other depressing things that go around. But there are some people who willingly choose to ignore all this and eat salads. This is still not a problem. The problem when rich people, individuals who can afford to buy innumerable lip-smacking food items do that. It makes you wonder as to how cruel and unjust this world is. All that money you could be spending on eating pizzas directly from Italy is wasted on people who don’t even value it. Don’t you wish you could just steal all their money and spend it on things that matter? Me too.

5. Ppl whu type lyk dis

The English language was invented for people to have a common language in which everyone could converse globally. It was invented so that people across countries could say and understand words to each other and there would be no communication barriers. But there exist some unique and artistic individuals who among us who cannot let it be that way. They had to bring in some changes that would make English difficult for everyone to understand. They don’t use vowels, they like to shorten words that are already short and use sentences that make absolutely no sense. Hello geniuses, you all are a blessing to humanity.
Don’t you just hate them?

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