Benefits Of Being High

The Benefits Of Being High

Congratulations, you’ve almost made it to the weekend. Just one day and you’re free for two days. How does it feel? Not special because this has become your life? Same. The weekdays may be the same but the weekends don’t necessarily have to end the same way. Yes, you’re going to drink because you deserve it. But you won’t end up feeling disgusted and regretting everything alcohol made you do. No no, it’s not happening this weekend. Being high is important for you, and you may not know, but it’s also beneficial in many ways. Here are the benefits of being high –

1. No filter
When you’re drunk, the filter of your brain automatically disappears. You see someone stupid, you call them stupid on their face. Now the reason why this a good thing is because you don’t have to tolerate them from the next time, without intentionally being rude. That’s a win-win, isn’t it?

Benefits Of Being High

2. No apologies
The best part about being high is that you don’t remember half the things you said or did. When you don’t remember doing something, what is there to apologize for? If someone complains to you the next day, all you have to say is that you don’t remember. End of story, no questions asked.

Benefits Of Being High

3. No shame
If you want to know how your drunk self is just a shameless person who doesn’t care about anything, ask your friend to tape you. When you see the video, you’ll know that the word ‘shame’ doesn’t exist in your drunk alter-ego’s dictionary. Being shameless is cool. Everyone should be shameless.

Benefits Of Being High

4. No limits
When you’re drunk, the sky is the limit. Or maybe not even that. Being drunk is being limitless. To drink how much ever you want, you eat how much ever you want and you dance like there is no tomorrow. Why is that beneficial? Because were you born to be bound? No, you weren’t. You are limitless.

Benefits Of Being High

5. Only fun
One of the most important benefits of being high is that your only priority is having fun. You don’t care if your friend is crying in the corner over a boy. You don’t care if your pants are about to come off. All you care about having loads of fun. And frankly, that’s how one should lead life.

Benefits Of Being High

Now that you know the benefits of being high, make the most of your weekend.

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