People Everyone Hates

Types Of People Everyone Hates

People. Not everyone likes the idea of people. Not everyone feels fascinated when talking to someone new or even socializing every other weekend. It differs from person to person, the need to talk to people. But there are certain categories of people that everyone hates, no matter who they are. They all belong together when it comes to hating the following people, who are so annoying, everyone should have restraining orders against them. Following are the types of people everyone hates –

1. The gossip mongers
The first category belongs to the people who live to watch others suffers so that when they’re having drinks with their friends next, they can chat about other people’s lives. Everybody hates the gossip mongers. They only exist to make other people’s lives miserable and make fun of that.


2. The goody two shoes
Don’t get it wrong, the goody two shoes are not all bad. They’re nice unless they start reminding the person of authority about stuff that could have been avoided. They’re selfish, meanĀ or sort of annoying because they only do things like that to be in the good books of others.

People Everyone Hates

3. The overactors
There are two ways to say something. The first is to say it properly, in the language you have been brought up with, conveying what you feel. And the second is to exaggerate, stress on words, talk like you’re doing a scene for a movie that will be nominated for an Oscar. It won’t be, just by the way.

People Everyone Hates

4. The showoffs
Here too, there exist two kinds of people. The first category is of those who buy things and keep it to themselves, for the purpose of that things is self-satisfaction. The showoffs, belonging to the second category, are the kinds of people who will tell the world about it and not sleep if they don’t.

People Everyone Hates

5. The narcissists
Everyone knows who a narcissist is. When self-love goes beyond a point, it’s called narcissism. Nobody likes a person who only knows three words – I, me and myself. Self-promotion at any point is not cool, and if you do that, now you know why people run 20 miles away from you.

People Everyone Hates

Now you know. So stop.

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