Deal With Over-enthusiastic People

How To Deal With Over-enthusiastic People

There are two kinds of people. The first kind likes to keep their things to themselves. Most of their responses mostly comprise of a mere nod, that you may or may not be able to comprehend. They don’t like to involve themselves a lot physically, which is why they limit their facial expressions, contact, everything. Then comes the other kind that absolutely cannot keep it to themselves. There are enthusiastic people, and then there are over-enthusiastic people who cannot keep it together. No matter how minute the situation is, they will make it a huge deal, whether you like it or not. But thank god for us, there are ways to deal with over-enthusiastic people.

1. Never befriend them. Their enthusiasm is directly proportional to how good friends you are to them. From the very beginning, refrain from entertaining them.

2. Constantly try to hype up every situation, sometimes more than them, so that they look at you like some competition and stay away from you.

Deal With Over-enthusiastic People

3. You know sarcasm? Good, use that. Whenever you see them being over-enthusiastic, use your sarcastic skills to bring them down in front of the others.

4. Find other people who hate over-enthusiastic people like you. Gang up against the already existent ones in your workplace and let them know where they stand.

Deal With Over-enthusiastic People

5. Always kill their vibe. If they come to you with a lot of enthusiasm about something, kill their whole buzz by giving the most absurd replies.

6. Every time they go to open their big, enthusiastic mouth over something that hardly deserves attention, put your fingers on their lips.

Deal With Over-enthusiastic People

7. In front of them, talk about how you absolutely hate over-enthusiastic people and how they annoy you to a point where you could punch them in the face.

8. Declare a no excessive noise day at work. The minute someone like them raises their voice, stand and stare till death arrives in your way.

Deal With Over-enthusiastic People

9. Always carry earplugs with you. When you see them approaching you, put it over your ears. That will send them a proper message.

10. When they are about to start with something, hold their head and shake it vigorously so they can’t speak for at least 10 seconds and you have time to run away.

Deal With Over-enthusiastic People

Sorry not sorry, bro.

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