You Need Your Job

Why You Need Your Job

It’s a Monday. Nobody likes Monday except for babies who don’t have much to do with their lives except for the crying. Why would they hate Mondays? For them, every day is a Sunday. Until they start going to school, how does time really matter to them anyway? It’s us adults, who have been forced into this whole thing, made to believe that in order to survive, we need to work. If you made it through the day without killing anyone, you deserve appreciation. By now you know, jobs are important. If you need reasons to wake up in the morning for the next four days of this week, here’s why you need your job –

1. The number one reason has to be because you need the money to pay bills. All the electricity you’re using doesn’t come for free.

2. Imagine not having a job and not eating burgers and fries from McDonald’s every other day. This is just one of the things you wouldn’t be able to do without your job.

You Need Your Job

3. You know what no money means? No Netflix. No internet packs, no WhatsApp, nothing. How would you avoid people you don’t like?

4. Think about it, where else would you go when your school friends are acting like complete douches? Everybody needs change. Work besties are that change.

You Need Your Job

5. Imagine how life would be if you had no purpose? It all sounds like fun and games but eventually, you’d get bored of not doing anything.

6. You wouldn’t be able to afford your best pal alcohol if you didn’t have a job that made it possible for you to chug rum every Saturday night.

You Need Your Job

7. As it is your parents don’t respect you too much. Imagine how much more would you be disrespected in the household if you didn’t have a job.

8. What would you have in life to keep complaining about all the time? What would you keep crying about if you didn’t work anywhere?

You Need Your Job

9. If you had no job, would you have a colleague that you always make fun of and get happiness in his misery? You wouldn’t. Life would be meaningless.

10. If you had no job, imagine staying at home 24/7, all days a week. You can barely stay at home on the weekend, let alone all the time. You need your job.

You Need Your Job

We all need our jobs.

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