Phone Best Friend

Why Your Phone Should Be Your Best Friend

We live in a world where trusting people is more difficult than trusting gadgets. Let alone trust, it’s easier to talk to gadgets than people. The most used gadgets that we all use is our mobile phones. It’s the first thing we see in the morning and the last before we go to sleep. Can you imagine your life without a phone in such times? It’s more important than a best friend. Here are the reasons why your phone should be your best friend –

1. It’s always there for you at parties where you have been forcefully dragged. It helps you avoid everything around without being rude.

2. It has all the gossip in the world to give you. You can know about multiple people at one time, which is more than what your best friend could say in person.

Phone Best Friend

3. It cares for you. When you need to wake up early, it’ll give you a reminder. When you need to stay fit, it has some apps for you. There’s nothing your phone can’t do.

4. Your phone gives you access to music. Imagine travelling every day, forced to listen to strangers talking about weird things. You best friend won’t sing for you.

Phone Best Friend

5. It doesn’t start being weird abruptly. That’s the problem with people, they don’t even explain what is wrong. With your phone, you know exactly where the fixing is needed.

6. Phones give you the freedom to hang out with other phones. Your phone won’t get mad if you held a different phone for three seconds. Not the same with best friends.

Phone Best Friend

7. Your mobile phone is at your constant beck and call, any time you need it. Is it the same with best friends? No, sometimes they’re not available.

8. It gives you non-stop entertainment, back to back. You don’t have to wait for anything. Your best friend will eventually run out of interesting stories.

Phone Best Friend

9. You can ask your phone all sorts of weird questions that you wouldn’t really ask anyone. It won’t judge you. But can you take that risk with your best friend?

10. All the solution to your problems is one Google ask away. You can find answers to everything. Your best friend may not have expertise in all areas.

Phone Best Friend

But it won’t hug you or pay for your food when you’re broke. So there’s that.

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