Self Lover

Signs That You Are A Self Lover

Let me start by saying that there is nothing wrong with loving yourself. Who else is going to do it if you don’t do it yourself? Being a self lover doesn’t mean being selfish. It just means to value yourself more than others, which is a good thing. Now that we have clarified that, let’s discuss the self lovers of the world. Self lovers are rare in the world. You don’t often come across people who like everything about themselves and wouldn’t change anything in them for the world. Are you a self lover too? Let’s find out.

1. You don’t mind being all by yourself. You, in fact, have started loving your own company and prefer that over meeting people.

2. You spend a lot of time on self-care and pampering in the right way. There is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself.

Self Lover

3. The moment you realize something or someone is toxic for your mental peace, you distance yourself instead of engaging.

4. You are not ashamed to speak your opinions loudly. You don’t apologize at all for feeling the way you feel, no matter what.

Self Lover

5. You have stopped trying to please people and focus on pleasing yourself. You’re absolutely done with that fake life.

6. You would rather do things that you’re really passionate about than doing something you don’t like. That’s self-love right there.

Self Lover

7. You have stopped apologizing for who you are. You no longer change yourself according to people which is a great thing to do.

8. Whenever you come across a character on a TV show like you, you immediately relate to them and they become your favourite.

Self Lover

9. You put your happiness before anything else. If something is making you sad, you walk away because you no longer want to suffer.

10. You stop saying negative things about yourself and start appreciating the little positive things that make you a wonderful person.

Self Lover

You do you, amazing human being!

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