Grown-Up Kid

Signs That You Are A Grown-Up Kid

Being an adult is rough, to put it mildly. To put it harshly, it is like being stranded on an island without any aid or skills. The process of ageing is tough. One minute you’re just going to school, kicking it with your friends and chilling out. And before you can even comprehend, the next minute you’re out on the field with a million people like you, running in a race that has no proper destination. To sum up, being a grown-up is difficult. That is why most of us cope with adulthood by being grown up kids. Are you one too? Following are the signs that you are just a grown-up kid like most people your age –

1. The minute something inconvenient happens to you, you want to go and take a nap instead of dealing with things head on.

2. To try and lessen the burden that this world has thrown onto your shoulders, you take a break to do things you would do as a child.

Grown-Up Kid

3. You still think of yourself as a baby. When someone asks you how old you are, you want to say 12 when you’re actually 24.

4. You act tough in front of people, boasting like you own the town but in reality, you’d as quiet and innocent as a sheep.

Grown-Up Kid

5. If someone does something bad to you, instead of letting go like a grown up, you hold a grudge and immediately dislike them.

6. You never go to do any grown-up thing alone. You always need someone to supervise you and guide you like your parents.

Grown-Up Kid

7. You like to be told what to do instead of deciding things alone. You’re still not mentally developed to do that for yourself.

8. People around you, all the so-called “grown-ups” are all about healthy eating. But you’re not that. You love your snacks more than anything.

Grown-Up Kid

9. Your room is a mess just like your life. It has always been like that since you started living there and you don’t want things to change.

10. You pretend to have it all together in this world but inside, you just want to cry out loud until someone comes and hugs you.

Grown-Up Kid

We’re all like a grown-up kid, to be honest.

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