New Roommates Vs Old Roommates

New Roommates Vs Old Roommates

You haven’t experienced life to the fullest if you haven’t lived with a roommate once in your life. Sharing an apartment with someone is a beautiful experience. You not only get to know a new person, you learn things like adjusting, compromise and respecting people’s privacy.

When you first get a roommate, things are pretty different than when you actually get to know them. With new roommates, there is some shyness. But old roommates become your homies. Let’s get straight into our new roommates vs old roommates analogy –

1. Privacy

When you just move in with someone, you respect their privacy. You don’t barge in their room without knocking. You don’t disturb them when you’re bored. But when it has been a few months and you vibe with them, things change. You don’t even have to knock before entering. Privacy goes out of the window like in most friendships.

New Roommates Vs Old Roommates

2. Sharing

Moving in with someone in the early days includes a lot of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ only. You only talk about home related things. It is after some months of knowing them, you open up to each other. You share things with about them, your family, your friends, your people. And you don’t even realize when they become one of your people too.

New Roommates Vs Old Roommates

3. Using stuff

New roommates have stuff divided at their homes. Food, shampoo, utilities, everything. Everything is labelled according to who is using it. You make it a point to stick to your things only. But when you get to know each other, you all start using each others stuff, without asking for permission. That’s what being roommates means.

New Roommates Vs Old Roommates

4. Money

In the beginning, the money for everything is split. You calculate who owes what to each other. However, this changes when you get to know each other. And once you do, the monetary relationship is just like it is with friends. You pay for something, they pay for something. When they are broke, you got them covered.

New Roommates Vs Old Roommates

5. Friendship

When you just met your roommates, for a few days, they are just people you live with. They are your friends but not that good friends. Over time, the friendship moves from good friends to best friends. They become your homies after some months. In the war between new roommates vs old roommates, friendship always wins.

New Roommates Vs Old Roommates


Here’s to roomies all over the world! And if you are ready to find some new roomies in a brand new city, check out our properties in Bangalore!

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