Adult Slumber Parties

Things That Happen At An Adult Slumber Parties

Remember how when you were a child, you used to be invited to sleepovers at your friend’s place? Also, remember how most of the times you weren’t allowed to go because you had strict parents?

Yeah, same feels here too. Most of us didn’t really know what slumber parties are as children. It is when we grew up and our parents decided we wouldn’t do stupid things, we came to know about them.

Adult slumber parties are like kids slumber parties, just with alcohol, general tiredness of life and a lot of things. Following are things that happen at adult slumber parties –

1. It’s raining drinks!

Is it even partying without alcohol? If there aren’t bottles of Old Monk, Smirnoff, Jack Daniels, Port Wine and Kingfisher lined up on the kitchen counter, it’s not an adult slumber party. Everyone is supposed to be drinking, because we’re all celebrating together after years and also, it’s Sunday the next day. Alcohol is mandatory in this scenario.

Adult Slumber Parties

2. Movie time

This happens are kid slumber parties too. Everyone watches a movie, watching a kid-friendly genre picked up by parents that they can discuss till late in the night. In adult slumber parties, however, everyone is high while watching the movie and it’s usually a psycho-thriller or horror genre. That is if everyone has agreed to it, which is another task.

Adult Slumber Parties

3. Gossip session

If you’re meeting up with your friends over lunch, gossip is inevitable. Imagine how much gossip is spilt when you have a whole night to do that. The gossip is usually about that person you hated in school, who is not doing great in life till now. All the real material that takes up the whole time of the slumber party is here. Man as a species likes to gossip.

Adult Slumber Parties

4. Game it up!

Every gossip session needs a break. There is only a little amount you can spend on talking about other people. Everyone gets bored after a while. What do you do then? You play games. And not games toddlers play in school. These are drinking games that will get people high in seconds, more than they already were. This is the most fun part of the night.

Adult Slumber Parties

5. Crashing early

Because we are all tired of being adults, forced to work when we could be partying in Hawaii, our souls are always exhausted. We came to this slumber party to take a break from our lives and chill for a bit. But sadly, we are sleepy and high. After all the games, the movies, the gossiping and the drinking, we just want to find a comfortable spot and go straight to sleep.

Adult Slumber Parties

Adult slumber parties can be fun too.

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