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Relatable GIF reactions for real-life situations

1. When your mom starts yelling in the morning

A common phenomenon of every household, is this. Moms and the word “chill” do not like each other. They have to make a big deal out of everything, and their favourite time to do that, is mornings. From “why is the light on” to “nobody respects me in this house”, the conversation just goes to another level without your contribution. Waking up happily and stress free has never been something you’ve done, because, moms. They can turn a perfect Sunday into a disastrous Monday in 0.2 seconds.

GIF reactions

2. When someone you hate breathes

Know that person in school who used to always remind the teacher about the homework? Or that annoying person from work who just won’t stop flattering the boss? Or even that aunty who wants you to get married to her late sister’s cousin’s uncle’s daughter? They’re the people you despise. You want them to disappear but there they are every time, standing in front of you, breathing in and breathing out. It absolutely pisses you off to see them walk around and talk, and the mere sight of them makes you make that face.

GIF reactions

3. When you can’t stand your sibling

Siblings are like the people you hate, only difference being you’re forced to live with them, and they’re sometimes nice. That sometime may occur once in a blue moon, but it does happen. When you’re living with siblings, there is nothing around the house completely about you. They’ll walk in your room without knocking, use your laptop, wear your clothes and eat your food. Sometimes you just want to strangle them, but being a much bigger person than that, you can’t. Siblings have us all going like : 

GIF reactions

4. When you see food at a party

Brad and Angelina are couple goals? Naaa, it’s you and pizza. You want to be looked at by someone the way you look at food, which is not possible, because you just love food so much. At a party, where you don’t really know where all the food is kept, it’s difficult to concentrate on anything. Usually at an environment you know, food is all around you, but here, not so much. But when finally the moment arrives when the host presents himself with some snacks, there you are, avoiding the world, advancing towards the one thing you love the most; Food.

GIF Reactions

5. When your friend pays for your food

There are friend with whom you don’t eat at all, with whom you split the bill, with whom you end up paying the whole money, and then there are the other kind who pay your bill. The latter are the kind of people you need in life. It doesn’t happen always because most of the times you have money to spend it on that one thing you love. But when you don’t have money, and still want to get that McChicken large meal with cheese, these guys have got your back. Thanks guys, it’s people like you who are keeping humanity alive.

GIF reactions

6. When you see people taking selfies

Seeing people take selfies is one of the most awkward situations of all times. You’re standing there waiting for your bus when a girl beside you snapchats her friend making those weird faces and you just fight that instinct of photobombing her selfie. You cannot help laughing at people take selfies, even if it’s something you do too. Although you do it when alone, or someplace fancy. What’s so fancy about a bus stand, girl?

GIF reactions

7. When you see your bed after a tiring day

“Hi bed, I know we drifted apart this morning but can you have me back?” – You on an exhausting day. That exhausting day can be because of workload, all the targets you had to achieve and all the people who had to please, or also when you’re shit hungover from last night. Drinking is exhausting too, it leaves you with a severe headache that can be cured only after a good 24 hours spent on the bed, sometimes more.

GIF reactions

8. When you witness a fight on group chat

Seeing people fight is the best source of entertainment, EVER. Although violent fights are more entertaining, where you can see people pulling each other’s hair, a group chat fight between your friends pretty awesome. You don’t even have to try and make amends between the two of them, just sit back with your popcorn and let them do the virtual yelling and screeching. Things get pretty intense when the caps come in. “WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT ME?”

Gif reactions

9. When you see your crush walk by

That person you like who doesn’t like you back, but you still blush like a little girl who sees candy, when you see them, because, well what the hell. There’s no harm in discreetly watching them eat, or stalking them on Instagram, and following them everyday. As long as they don’t get to know about it, and you cannot get over that first time when you smelled their shirt, it’s harmless. The poor person doesn’t even know you like them, but you want it to be that way, you chose it.

GIF reactions

10. When life isn’t done taking your case

You know that feeling when you’re trying your level best to keep your shit together, doing all the right things and making all the right decisions, but still somehow life gets in the way to screw up things for you? Yeah, me too. And you’re all strong and pretending to be happy, but that nervous breakdown gets to you as soon as someone asks “how are you?”, and in that moment you just give up. Just pull yourself together man, it’s going to be alright.

Gif Reactions

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