Why Cristiano Ronaldo is an inspiration

Why Cristiano Ronaldo is an inspiration to everyone

With the Euro coming to an end last night, all eyes were fixed upon this one man who deserved each and every moment. Cristiano Ronaldo, the definition of football for many, has one more feather to his hat, an international title. Portugal won the Euro 2016, and although he had the quit the game right after the 16th minute he got injured, the Portugal team made the dream come true for their captain. Watching him cry on the field broke everyone’s heart, for no other player deserved to win it more than him.

Why Cristiano Ronaldo is an inspiration

Why is Cristiano Ronaldo such a huge name in football? Why do people worship him across the world? Why is his name the first thing that crosses everyone’s mind when you hear the word football? There’s way more to this guy than we know.

He’s not had it all. He did not inherit the lavish lifestyle and big name from his parents. Belonging to a family from the working class, his life was full of hardships at the early age. His father was an alcoholic who eventually died from the habit, leaving behind his 4 children and a wife who had cook and clean to maintain the means of livelihood. Having lived in a tin roofed home by the ocean, he’s worked hard to be where is his. His story is a typical rags to riches story, where it took him years to be where he is now.

At age 10, Ronaldo was totally into football, eating and breathing the game he was introduced to through his father. All he wanted to do was play football, skipping meals and avoiding sleep for the same. By the age of 16, the little boy whose talent kept growing by each day, played for an amateur club called Andorinha, and a local club Nacional, before entering the big leagues. With his first big break at Sporting CP, where he became the youngest player, Ronaldo got his big break. Impressing everyone and shining through, Ronaldo’s legend kept growing thereafter.

Why Cristiano Ronaldo is an inspiration

In a game where Manchester United was beaten by Sporting CP (3-1), Ronaldo came to the attention of Sir Alex Ferguson, the Manchester United Manager. Described as “one of the most exciting young players”, Sir Alex did not waste any time in signing Ronaldo for United. His transfer fee of £12.24 million made him the most expensive teenager in football history in that time. Given the number 7 shirt worn by United legends like Eric Cantona, George Best and David Beckham, Ronaldo felt motivated towards working hard for the club. Sir Alex has been a great driving force in his life, which is why he calls him “his father is the sport”, an influential figure in his career.

Why Cristiano Ronaldo is an inspiration

In 2009, Ronaldo signed in for Real Madrid, for a whopping world record transfer fee of £80 million. It was a first for any player, to be offered the huge amount of money, and Ronaldo got it purely for his talent. As of now he plays for the same team, having won 2 FIFA Player Of The Year Awards. Ever since, Ronaldo has been constantly working hard towards making his team the best in the world, winning titles, not only for his club, but also for his country. Be it La Liga or any other international game, Ronaldo is constantly seen giving his best, which shows he thrives for excellence and he won’t settle at any cost.

Why Cristiano Ronaldo is an inspiration

Being where he is, people often start taking things for granted, but not Ronaldo. He’s not only a phenomenal player, but a beautiful human being at heart. He has no tattoos on his body as he frequently donates blood. Everyone knows how Ronaldo donates money for the less fortunate, fulfills dreams of his young fans and cares about making the world a better place to live in.

How often do you come across someone whose life story inspires you to do something better with your life? Someone who is a living example of how good things can only be achieved through hard work, and once you do that, your life turns into a fairy tale.

Cristiano Ronaldo, on behalf of every person irrespective of whether they love you or hate you, you are an inspiration people should look upto every time they feel things are not going their way. That win was important for you, and you and your team made it happen. Enjoy this, and many more victories to come. You deserve to be where you are, and you’re loved by your fans.  
Never stop shining, you Star!

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