Annoying people on social media

Annoying things people do on social media

Social Media is a boon to the world. People can easily connect with friends and family, globally no matter how far they stay. You may not be there physically, but your virtual presence in their happy moments is possible. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Skype and other apps and sites that help you stay connected with people you know are easy to use and quite helpful. However, there’ll always be this 1 out of 10 person who would want to abuse their rights to use these. Thanks to them, social media gets annoying a lot of times. Here’s a list of the annoying things people do on social media and why they are pointless/irritating –

1. Upload selfies every hour

Selfies are addictive, yes. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already taken a hundred selfies with different poses in the day, you are never tired to take a hundred more. Till the point where these selfies stay in the gallery of your phone, it doesn’t matter. The real problem starts when you upload each of them, editing them and putting it up on Facebook, Instagram and every goddamned social media site there is. At this point, you start to get annoying. Nobody wants to see you stick your tongue out, or holding up a victory sign, it’s irritating. We all know it’s not your real face, and uploading selfies is not going to make you pretty either.

Annoying people on social media

2. Check in to various places

Buddy, you may be going to the moon on a special mission assigned to you by NASA, nobody would care. A check in once in awhile is nice, you’d want to know what your friends are upto, but a check in from a random person, that too on hourly basis, is unbelievable. Some people are so shameless, they check in to New York and then into Paris within 10 minutes. Like how? How is the physically possible? Are you Flash? Do you have any super human qualities that you could use to save the world, but instead you want to be a selfish tourist? Seriously man, what is the deal with you?

Annoying people on social media

3. Put up pictures with Starbucks coffee

Nobody goes to Starbucks for a decent cup of coffee. They go to get a cheap coffee, which doesn’t turn out cheap after all the taxes (you could buy two cars with that money, but you want to get coffee, hmm), and then click a selfie with it. That makes a lot of sense somehow. Oh, there are check ins for Starbucks too. This post is especially annoying and Starbucks should come up with a permanent restriction with people clicking selfies. Some people just get inside to click selfies, while some just click a picture of the board Starbucks, implying that they’re going inside, whereas in reality a coffee from Tapri-waala is the one they’d be drinking. Why the show off?

Annoying people on social media

4. Senseless status updates

I’m not talking about the post and status updates we all put up when we just started to use Facebook. That’s not annoying, that’s a phase. Everyone has a phase. I’m talking about the people who are grown up enough to understand there’s no point in putting up silly things, but still go one doing the same for some reason unknown. They’re still not out of the phase, and they’ll never be. Public Display of Affection, putting up updates like “I’m bored” (ain’t nobody here to entertain you anyway), and “wrytin lyk dis” really gets on your nerves sometimes. Now I’m not saying you weren’t like that, you were worse actually, but you changed, and that is why you’re not in this category.

Annoying people on social media

5. Senseless hashtags

#LoveYourself, #LoveEverybody, #KarmaIsABitch, #ILoveMyself, #I’mSoCute, #Ain’tICute, #ThankYouSoMuch, #GodIsWatching, #CuteMe – Sorry for doing this to you, but aren’t they just annoying? And using hashtags on a picture of you smelling flower is not only useless, but irrelevant. What is God watching? You smelling a flower? Why would God ignore 7 billion people in the world to just watch you smell a flower? You can tone the the hashtags a bit. And if you can’t help but use them, use these for a change – #I’mDumb, #I’mUseless, #Don’tCommentOnMyPictures, #IHaveALotOfTimeOnMyHands #TalkingInHashtagsIsAnotherDumbThingsIDo, #NobodyCaresAboutMe, #NobodyShouldn’t. They’re more relevant, really.

Annoying people on social media

6. Decade long snap stories

Snapchat is another social media that’s cool and pretty awesome. Those amazing filters you can have fun with when you’re bored, and it’s actually really fun. But of course, there are some people who were just born to ruin the privileges given to us, ruining the technology we have been blesses with. If you’re a user of Snapchat, you’d know what a Snap story is, and how some people get stupid using them. Everything about their day is in their story, from waking up in the morning to going to bed. A 24 hour long snap story is what you get by adding these annoying people in your list. They’ll put up a story about everything, every damn thing. Just snatch their phone already!

Annoying people on social media

Don’t abuse the privilege, please!

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