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What Makes Old Monk The Best Rum

If you need a reason to party tonight, ahead of the weekend, you have one. It’s rum day. Not kidding, go look it up. Yes, it’s rum day in America which means we can celebrate it here too. For everyone wondering why, please go away right now, because people who love to drink don’t question.

You tell them it’s rum day and they’ll go for it, no questions asked. In India, rum is synonymous with Old Monk. For some, it’s the only alcohol that exists, others are mere substitutes. But what makes Old Monk the best rum? Here’s what –

1. Inexpensive bliss

If you’re someone who parties every weekend, you know where half the money from your salary is going. It’s being spent on cocktails and drinks that cost a world. Old Monk drinkers obviously cannot relate to this because they are smart enough to choose a drink that is light on the pocket, but too damn effective. It’s like heaven without having to pay that much for the ticket.

Old Monk

2. Goes with everything

Old Monk is like a black t-shirt, it goes well with everything. You can add Coca Cola to it to make yourself drops from heaven. Add cubes of ice and have yours on the rocks fun. You can not pair it up with anything and gulp it down like the pro that you are. Pour it up in shot glasses and drink till you fall. You don’t have to overdo anything with a bottle of Old Monk, and that’s the best part about it.

Old Monk

3. Healing properties

Everyone knows Old Monk is not just alcohol. It is medicine. Try it when you have a severe cold and cough. Gulp it down and you’ll know how it works wonders to heal your ailment. It’s not just with cough and cold, it also heals broken hearts. You can always see a heartbroken person with a bottle of Old Monk. You drink and drink until you don’t care anymore. It’s cheap so you can afford to do that every day.

Old Monk

4. Available everywhere

A bottle of Old Monk is available even at the remotest part of this county. It’s a famous Indian rum that people swear by. You can go to any place and enjoy a drink without having to worry about carrying it around with you everywhere. That’s the best part about it. You know you can always count on it. In a world where religion and other things divide us, a bottle of rum unites us.

Old Monk

5. People’s drink

People who drink occasionally have a favorite that they always stick to. You can give them the most expensive drinks in the worlds, but they’ll always go back to what they’re used to. Old Monk is that type of a drink. Once you have chosen it for all occasions, happy or sad, you don’t go back. Next time you go to a bar, notice how many people are ordering Old Monk. You’ll know how it is actually a people’s drink.

Old Monk

Here’s to the best rum in the world. Cheers!

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