Every Friday

The Story Of Every Friday

Friday is here. Yes, thank god this week is over. Didn’t it suck to be back to work after a long weekend, the new year celebrations, and just generally? Thankfully, we just had four working days this week. Before Friday blows away like it always does, make the most of it. Because eventually, misery will be back on Monday. This is the story of every Friday –

1. Excitement
How do you wake up on a Friday? With enthusiasm, right? Friday mornings are the best. You don’t go to work like you have been hit by a million swords. You wake up like heaven is at your feet because you know, just 8 hours more and you’ll be in the sweet sweet embrace of the weekend.

Every Friday

2. Happiness
How happy do you feel, waking up on a Friday morning, rushing to work for the first time in the week? How amazing is it to be among your colleagues for the last time in the week? The feeling is called happiness. This happiness is because you don’t have to see that place for two days.

Every Friday

3. Hope
If you don’t have plans for Friday night, you’re not doing Friday right. This day should be celebrated, and if you are one of those people who make plans decades before it has to be executed, you have a lot of hope. Hope, that this is going to be the best Friday ever. Hopes, however, shatter.

Every Friday

4. Acceptance
By the time you come to the end of the day, and all your plans have been cancelled, you come to terms with it. You accept that you weren’t made for having fun. You come to terms with having sucky Friday plans. This was your life, and this is how it is going to be for a long time.

Every Friday

5. Regret
The excitement of the morning dies down by the time you reach the end of the day. You realize that you’re a victim of time, that has made you a mere puppet, dancing to its ticking. You regret having emotions like happiness, excitement and hope, and now all you have is deep regret.

Every Friday

Happy Friday, ya’ll!

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