World Happiness Day

World Happiness Day: Things To Be Happy About

It’s the year 2018 and look around you, there are fewer things to be happy about. There is poverty, hunger, illiteracy, narrow mindset and other evils that take us far away from happiness with each passing minute. But at least today, we could only focus on the happier things. There’s a lot to be happy about. Like paying taxes, people running away with our money, being single in a world full of couples and watching your crush upload stories with someone else. Like I said, life is fruitful. Jokes apart, on World Happiness Day, here are the things to be happy about –

1. The fact that you broke up with your ex. Can you imagine what life would be like with them still in the picture? Thank god you got your senses back in time.

2. You have your childhood photos safely packed inside a box that is inaccessible to other human beings. What if people get to know about your questionable fashion sense back then?

World Happiness Day

3. You don’t use your email id from 2002 anymore. Wouldn’t it be weird to put “[email protected]” in your CV and expect to hear back from companies?

4. Netflix is in your life. Can you imagine going out with people on a Saturday night only to get pushed and shoved, and eat bad catered food?

World Happiness Day

5. You have a job because of which you can afford to pay bills, luxuries that you can’t afford and alcohol that has been the perfect escape from this world.

6. You cut out all snakes from your life five years ago. That’s definitely something to be happy about. Imagine your life if you were friends with them until today.

World Happiness Day

7. Game of Thrones because we all have a reason to be alive until 2019. When Jon becomes the King of the Seven Kingdoms, we can all die in peace.

8. The four to five people in your life that keep checking on you. Be it good or bad times, you know they are always there for you, chugging rum by your side.

World Happiness Day

9. Avengers Infinity War that will be releasing early in April this year. After the trailer, we can’t really wait to watch the whole movie. What a time to be alive, am I right?

10. The fact that you are breathing. You know you still have time for doing all the great things you have planned for yourself. You got this, man. Go be awesome!

World Happiness Day

Happy world happiness day!

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