People At The Gym

Types Of People At The Gym

You know you need to hit the gym immediately when people start mistaking you for a baby elephant. When you spend all day at home, eating chips that you should be avoiding, you grow, well, large. And it’s not a bad thing to be large. But if you choose to do something about it, get rid of the excess fat and controlling your diet, you join the gym. It’s a new world altogether when you see different people sweating it out like it’s a sweatshop, and you have to be a part of that. Following are the different types of people at the gym –

1. The Hardcore
These are the kind of people everybody at the gym secretly envies. They have the perfect bodies, all the cuts and curves just right there, in front of everyone’s eyes. But still, they choose to workout every day so they can enhance it a little bit more. You might often find yourself staring at them involuntarily because their bodies are what you wish to have if only you gave up Chinese food.

People At The Gym

2. The Chatty
Talkers are everywhere. But at the gym, you’ll find the kind of talkers who can both work out and talk effortlessly, like these two activities are complementary to each other. Their voices are all over the place and they’re talks are definitely not private. Don’t you hate it when you’re minding your own business, doing crunches, but out of nowhere they get you involved in their stories. Just hate it.

People At The Gym

3. The First Timers
You know who’s a first timer at the gym just by looking at their faces. The person who looks like their about to die just after doing two squats, or the person who can’t even get through one complete crunch, is the person who is a first timer at the gym. They probably got motivated by someone and immediately regret their decision the minute they step into the gym. They’re clueless, disturbed and probably dying inside.

People At The Gym

4. The Aunties
Among all the kinds of people who come to a gym, the aunties are the most interesting people. What you see is them working out religiously, like today is the day they have to lose all the weight. What you don’t see is them silently judging everyone in front of their eyes, even you probably, and making mental notes on how they’re going to gossip about you in their ‘gym buddies’ WhatsApp group as soon as they go home.

People At The Gym

5. The Clueless
And then come the clueless, who have been into this whole work out scene since two weeks but have no clue as to what is happening. They still don’t know what the machines do. All they know is this is going to help them somehow and they’re going to come out of this as a hotter, better and slimmer person. They just know it’s going to work for them, someday. When you spot them at the gym, just give a tight hug.

People At The Gym

What kind are you?

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