Things Roommates Know About Each Other

Things Roommates Know About Each Other

If there’s anyone who knows you better than your family, it’s your roommate. Other than sharing an apartment with each other, you share happiness, grief, food, music, friends, couch, and television. When living with someone 24/7, you learn a lot of things about them, no matter how hard they try to hide. Here’s a list of things roommates know about each other –

1. Sleep time
When you live together with someone, you get to know a lot of things about them. The most important one being their sleep time. Sleep is very important to everyone, especially to you otherwise you get all worked up. You’re roommate probably knows this and tries her best to not disturb you at that time.

Things Roommates Know About Each Other

2. Each other’s clothes
You cannot hide your clothes from your roommates. This goes out specially for the girls. No matter how many jackets you wear to cover up your new top, your roommate will see through it all. Sharing clothes is a part of the roommate living experience, so be ready to do that as you cannot lie at all.

Things Roommates Know About Each Other

3. Moods
Everyone goes through a lot of mood swings on daily basis. Sometimes you’re a sheep you wants to stay graceful and gentle. Sometimes you’re a vixen ready to take on the world. By looking at you, your roommate can say whether you’re going to be calm and composed or absolutely savage.

Things Roommates Know About Each Other

4. Tastes
An integral part of the roommate experience is socializing. Roommates instantly become best of friends, and just like your best friend would know what to gift you, they know what drink you like, how black is your favourite colour and how much you loathe salads. They don’t have to be told, they just notice.

Things Roommates Know About Each Other

5. Sadness
If you thought you are a pro at handling the worst of situations and pretending to be happy, you’re wrong. Living with you all these years, your roommate knows when you’re faking a smile and when you’re actually smiling. Not only do they make things better, but also prove to be great listeners when you want to share.

Things Roommates Know About Each Other

Aren’t roommies that best?

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