Why IPL Season Is The Best Time Of The Year

Why IPL Season Is The Best Time Of The Year

Who said financial year only ends in sobs and sorrows? For us Indians, it is a promise of something better that’s coming. And that is the IPL season. That’s right! Started ten years ago and now we’re here. The IPL has given us more reasons to be happy that other things combined. It’s not just about cricket anymore. It’s a whole new level of emotions we go through for one month, cheering for our favourite teams, fighting with friends who support other teams and accepting the outcome with grace (not always). Here’s why IPl season is the best time of the year –

1. Cricket
Cricket is an exciting game. For us, it is a religion. Apart from food, this is one thing that connects us all. And when it’s served on a 20-20 platform, it gets even better. The IPL format connects us not only to our favourite players, but also our hometown. We root for our cities, celebrating cricket in a way no other fans do. More than being a tournament, IPL is the celebration of cricket.

Why IPL Season Is The Best Time Of The Year

2. Entertainment
How are your evenings the rest of the year? Boring? Obviously. Everyone’s is. In the IPL season, it’s exactly the opposite of that. Watching two breathtaking matches every day for more than a month is the definition of entertainment. That excitement of your team playing, that fear of losing in the last ball and that sheer joy when your team wins is what makes IPL amazing.

Why IPL Season Is The Best Time Of The Year

3. Celebration
More than cricket, IPL celebrates emotions. The players, the fans, the spectators, everyone is hooked to the game when watching a match. Without being physically present there, most fans can feel the heat inside their homes when the game gets tough. The players get hope when they hear their fans roaring and cheering from the stands, and the fans get hope when their favourite players lead the team to victory.

Why IPL Season Is The Best Time Of The Year

4. Friends
IPL is another reason for you to get together with your friends and hangout watching cricket matches. There’s nothing better than watching this game with your loved ones by your side. Arguing with them over your teams, teasing when their team loses and consoling them when they give up hope on their favourites are all perks of following IPL with your friends. Food, friends and fun is how you describe a perfect IPL match.

Why IPL Season Is The Best Time Of The Year

5. Fandom
Perhaps the biggest and the best part about IPL are the fandom. You can be a fan of your team depending upon your hometown, your favourite player, or your favourite movie star. IPL is a mixture of all these. This is how Indian it can get. Cheering your team on for a month, supporting them on social media and real life, getting upset when they lose and rejoicing when they win is what a fandom does.

Why IPL Season Is The Best Time Of The Year

Let the happiness commence.

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