9 Must Watch Netflix Series in the year 2023

Are you a student who has just finished exams and has nothing to do but relax? Or are you a corporate employee who is so busy that you barely have time to breathe? Maybe you’re just someone struggling to decide what to watch during meals. We understand that some of you have no free time, while others have so much that you run out of things to do. However, we know that most of you enjoy watching online content on Netflix. Let’s face it, who doesn’t? For those who say they don’t, we have no words for you LOL.

Today, we have created a blog where we will discuss some must-watch series on Netflix to binge-watch during your free time. And if some of you don’t have a Netflix subscription then ask your friends for their account passwords because these are some must-watch shows that you just cannot miss!!! So, buckle up and let’s dive into it.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is a spin-off series inspired by the character of Queen Charlotte in the hit Netflix series, Bridgerton. The series focuses on Queen Charlotte’s backstory, exploring the events that led to her becoming the Queen of England in the 18th century. This new series reveals more about the character’s past, including her relationship with King George III, her political influence, and her personal struggles. The show promises to offer fans a deeper understanding of one of the most intriguing characters in Bridgerton and an even more delightful peek into the fascinating world of 18th-century England.

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YOU 4 – 

On any other show, Joe Goldberg would be portrayed as the villain, but in You, he’s an antihero who fans love. Despite his obsession with stalking and murdering beautiful women, Joe can’t seem to control his impulses. The fourth season of You sees Joe attempting to start a new life in London, but his talent for killing and hiding bodies makes it difficult for him to escape his troubled past. Even in disguise, trouble seems to find him.

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The Night Agent on Netflix –

The Night Agent is a thrilling spy novel written by Matthew Quirk. The series follows the character of Peter Sutherland, a young FBI agent who finds himself in the middle of a dangerous conspiracy when he is called upon to investigate a routine tip on a national security breach. Initially, the investigation appears straightforward, but as Peter delves deeper into the case, he uncovers a deadly plot that could threaten the lives of millions of Americans. 

The series takes the audience on a thrilling ride as they follow Peter’s efforts to expose the truth and save the day. With twists and turns at every step, The Night Agent is a must-watch for fans of spy and suspense thrillers.

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Obsession on Netflix –

The Obsession series on Netflix is an anthology of standalone thriller movies that explore the darker side of human obsession. Each movie in the series features a different cast and director, but they all revolve around a central theme of obsession and its destructive consequences. From the twisted tale of a stalker in Fatal Affair to the unsettling exploration of a woman’s dark past in Secret Obsession, the series promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats with its intense and suspenseful storylines. With a talented cast and expert direction, the Obsession series is a must-watch for fans of psychological thrillers.

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Sex Education on Netflix –

Old is gold they say…well Sex Education is one of those golden series on Netflix. Sex Education is a popular comedy-drama series on Netflix created by Laurie Nunn. Set in a fictional British town, the series follows the story of Otis Milburn, a socially awkward teenager who teams up with his classmates Maeve and Eric to start a sex therapy clinic for their schoolmates struggling with sexual issues. With a diverse cast of characters and witty writing, Sex Education deals with a wide range of important topics such as sexuality, gender identity, mental health, and relationships. The show has received critical acclaim for its portrayal of sensitive topics with honesty and humour while avoiding stereotypes and clich├ęs. With multiple seasons and a dedicated fan base, Sex Education has become one of the most beloved and talked-about shows on Netflix.

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Killing Eve on Netflix – 

Killing Eve is a highly-acclaimed and addictive thriller series on Netflix. The show follows Eve Polastri, a bored MI5 security officer who is obsessed with female assassins, and the enigmatic and stylish Villanelle, an assassin who enjoys her work a bit too much. As Eve becomes more and more obsessed with catching Villanelle, the two women form a dangerous and exhilarating game of cat and mouse that takes them across Europe and beyond. With stunning performances from Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer, stylish cinematography, and razor-sharp writing, Killing Eve is a must-watch for fans of dark and twisted thrillers.

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The Diplomat on Netflix –

The Diplomat is a fascinating documentary film on Netflix that tells the story of Richard Holbrooke, a legendary American diplomat. The film follows Holbrooke throughout his career, including his work in Vietnam, his role in negotiating the Dayton Accords that ended the Bosnian War, and his efforts to end the war in Afghanistan. Through interviews with family members, colleagues, and political figures, the film paints a vivid portrait of Holbrooke, his strengths as a diplomat, and his occasionally abrasive personality. With a gripping combination of history and personal anecdotes, The Diplomat offers a unique and insightful look into the world of international diplomacy.

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The Witcher Season 3 on Netflix –

Based on the popular book series by Andrzej Sapkowski, “The Witcher” has garnered a massive fan following since its premiere in 2019. Starring Henry Cavill as the titular character, the show follows the adventures of Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter in a world of magic and mythical creatures. With its thrilling action sequences and intricate world-building, “The Witcher” is a must-watch for fantasy fans.

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To sum up, Netflix’s original programming keeps on leaving a lasting impression on viewers, and the must-watch shows mentioned here are only a glimpse of what it has in store. No matter if you’re interested in sci-fi, crime dramas, or historical dramas, Netflix caters to a diverse audience. Make sure to look out for these shows in 2023.

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