Waking Up On A Friday Morning

Thoughts You Have While Waking Up On A Friday Morning

People believe Monday is the worst day of the week. But, it’s really Friday. On a Friday, time seems to stand still. If only there was a magical way to escape into the weekend directly. Waking up on a Friday is not easy. You are thankful that it isn’t Tuesday, but you’re also kind of unhappy that it isn’t Saturday yet. Following are the thoughts you have while waking up on a Friday morning –

1. Five more minutes
To be honest, this is the story of everyday. Even if we’re all given twenty three hours to sleep in a day, we’d still be saying five more minutes. Friday mornings are no different. They’re all the more depressing because you’re so close to the happy days but still not there yet. Uttering ‘five more minutes’ every time your alarm tells you it’s time to get ready is one of the very things you do.

Waking Up On A Friday Morning

2. One more day
After the thirty minutes that pass after you promised yourself that you’ll only be staying in bed for five more minutes, you somehow wake up, but very late for work. Still, you’re deciding whether you should get out of bed or just stay there until you get a call from your boss to say that you’re fired. There is a brief moment when you’re ready to get up, thinking how just one more day and you can relax for two days straight.

Waking Up On A Friday Morning

3. Quitting your job
That brief moment of getting up lasts for about two seconds. You can’t wait for another day. You can’t find the strength to get up and face the world for another day. This is where you think how life is pointless anyway and that you should consider quitting your job. You give this a lot of thought, calculating if you can survive a year or two with your savings. Quitting your job would mean no waking up. You like the idea.

Waking Up On A Friday Morning

4. Party tomorrow
The minute the word ‘savings’ crosses your mind, you know your brain is looking at you and laughing out loud. What savings? How can a person save money by spending it on food and useless things thrice a week? You don’t have savings. So obviously you can’t quit your job. Analyzing all this within, you convince yourself to get up and get going as tomorrow you’re going to be partying anyway. Happiness is just twenty four hours away.

Waking Up On A Friday Morning

5. Life is a joke
Partying the next day is also something you cannot do because you have no money. Upon that, you have rents due, bills to pay and to maintain your lifestyle for another twenty days. This is where you realize, nothing makes sense. Your life is joke and it’s going to be like that until you stop being yourself and change. But that’s not happening too. So you suck it all up and go to work like you were supposed to two hours ago.

Waking Up On A Friday Morning

The weekend is coming.

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