Signs That You Love Sleep More Than Anything In The World

Signs That You Love Sleep More Than Anything In The World

Who doesn’t love sleep? Hours of being in a totally different world, present but also absent from the environment, completely engrossed in your own dreams, sleep should be turned into a annual thing. If not annual, it should at least be a monthly thing where people sleep for months straight and just get up for a few hours. The world would be a better place if sleep was given the utmost importance. Do you have these thoughts running in your mind? Congratulations, you love sleep. Signs that you love sleep more than anything in the world –

  1. Your routine includes at least 20 nap times, and you may compromise on meals, but not your nap time. It’s just something you don’t give up easily unless someone is dying (not even then).
  2. You sleep in the night and wake up in the noon, exceeding more than 12 hours with absolutely no regrets because YOLO.
  1. Your parents occasionally call your Kumbhakarna, the most sorted character of Ramayana who you have worshiped all your life. That man had his priorities on point.
  1. Your excuses for reaching late are always “I overslept”, and you say that out loud because you’re not afraid of your relationship with sleep.
  1. The only thing that makes you happy in the entire world and gets you all excited is your bed. It may not be the best bed in the world, but it’s your happy place.
  1. You hate when people brag about how less they sleep in the night, and you always think about breaking off all contacts with them because they’re the most depressing people in the world.
  1. You keep yourself away from all energy drinks and caffeinated products because things that delay sleep are things you have zero tolerance for.
  1. You’ve never really set alarms in your entire life, nor do you have the intention to because they’re one of the most evil inventions of mankind.
  1. Every time your friend decides to surprise visit you, they’ve always found you sleeping and have made fun of your sleeping position. But you don’t care because it’s the one thing you love.
  1. Dogs may be a man’s best friend, but yours is a pillow. Those fluffy, filled with cotton things perfectly complement your bed and blanket. The minute you see them, you’re happy.
  1. You are tired of people telling you how you should reduce your sleep time and use it for doing productive work. But you’ve cut them off because you don’t want people ruining your vibes.
  1. Delay by a minute in your sleep schedule can severely affect your body. There’s a reason why you try not to meddle with your sleep time as it can be fatal.
  1. Anything additional in your daily routine gets added and you start getting paranoid because sleep cannot be compromised under any circumstances.
  1. Once you’re asleep, even giants cannot wake you up. You hold onto your sleep real tight until it’s time to wake up, which again is something only you decide.
  1. People may have come and gone, seasons changed, girlfriends/boyfriends have left, but this one thing has never given up on you. It heals you when you’re hurt, and gets rid of your exhaustion. You cherish sleep more than anything in the world.

Sleep loves you right back.

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