Signs That You Have Reached Maturity

Signs That You Have Reached Maturity

Maturity comes to people at its own time. Some are mature too early, some too late, some never and some just at the right time. But when you do mature, the whole world seems pointless. Following are the signs that you have reached maturity –

1. Pointless drama doesn’t entertain you anymore. You don’t find pleasure in it, even though you used to be a huge fan at one point of time. But now, it doesn’t excite you.
2. Your friend circle keeps on reducing. The more you reach maturity, the more you realize that people are selfish and there’s no point in being nice to everyone.
3. Your Saturday night plans are nothing but you lying on your bed, sipping wine, munching packets of chips and watching your favourite series over and over again.
4. Your Sunday mornings usually involve you covered in lots of packets of chips. You usually wake up late because you were up all night glued to you laptop screen.
5. Your WhatsApp conversations are limited to 1-2 people per day, because that’s the amount of people you really care about, along with messages on the family group.
6. Your phone bill reduces drastically because you only use internet, that too on Wi-Fi at work and at home. And obviously, you don’t make calls, except the ones to your mother.
7. You repeat your clothes because you’ve come to a point where you don’t want to impress anyone and don’t even care about anybody’s opinion. You’re too busy with other things.
8. Whenever someone tries to involve you in some sort of drama, you quickly find a way to get out of it because you don’t have time for that kind of nonsense anymore.
9. You usually avoid having fights with anyone because firstly, they don’t really matter and secondly, because it’s too much pressure on your fingers to type all those messages.
10. You’ve low key accepted this monotony and kind of enjoy being by yourself. This has become a part of your personality and you really don’t want anything or anyone change that.

Congratulations on being mature, you awesome person.

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