Reasons Why You Should Compliment The Mirror

Reasons Why You Should Compliment The Mirror

Hey you! Yes you, the fighter you. You’re more than what you think. It’s just the first day of the week and look at you pull yourself together till Friday. You’re so strong. Why don’t you value yourself enough? If you can’t find reasons, we have many. Here are some reasons why you should compliment the mirror –

1. You wake up every day despite of things not going your way most of the times. You’re brave to gear up for another disappointments.
2. You get through the day without anybody’s support. You’re just so amazing on your own and that’s not something everyone can do.
3. You make your own meals, clean your own dishes and take care of everything. That’s way more than most people can do these days.
4. You don’t give up easily. You just keep trying hard until you get what you want and you make sure that you do. Way to go tiger!
5. You’ve been told a million times that you’re not good enough but you never back down. You should be proud of being that way.
6. You get through the whole week without any complaints. Sure, things piss you off, but you like to keep them to yourself instead of reacting.
7. You smile at people you hate. Not because you’re scared, because you don’t want drama. That’s such a brave thing to do, you stunner.
8. You believe things will get better with time even if they don’t seem like that right now. You’re a bundle of optimism, you cutie.
9. You don’t shy away from being yourself around others, without the fear of being judged. That’s so much better than being fake.
10. Despite everyone not treating you the way you deserve to be, you give everyone the best of you. That’s a beautiful thing there.

Go ahead, appreciate yourself!

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