Hating People

Signs That You Have Started Hating People

Not everyone can deal with people effortlessly. Those who can are either too blessed or just great actors. If you also are among the kind of people who would go to the highest extent just to avoid talking to people, know that you’re not alone. There are other people like you who have started hating people altogether. Whether it’s rolling their eyes at strangers or not being able to stand their own friends, such people prefer only their company. If you can’t decide whether you’re one of them, following are the signs that you have started hating people –

1. Your WhatsApp conversations have only been with family members, that too one worded replies of you responding to their questions.

2. Every time you go out in the open, you roll your eyes at least fifty times seeing stupid people doing stupid things. It makes you angry beyond words.

Hating People

3. Any plan that requires contact, be in physical or verbal, with more than two people is an absolute no-no for you. That’s just how you have started rolling.

4. An ideal day for you would be chilling alone in your bed, watching Netflix all day, munching chips and not moving a bit.

Hating People

5. The ignore messages from the notifications bar itself. It doesn’t matter who it is. You just see your phone vibrate and swipe away the notification.

6. You have given almost every person a chance to prove you wrong. But they all still manage to give you more reasons why you shouldn’t talk to people.

Hating People

7. Even at work, you sit at your desk all day with headphones in, not caring what people are saying around you. You’ve become anti-social.

8. People have stopped inviting you to parties. It doesn’t even matter anymore to you because you sit there with a grumpy face anyway.

Hating People

9. Before even talking to someone, who predict what about them is probably going to piss you off. You assume that about them and never approach them.

10. You have noticed this behavior of yours is making you more and more unapproachable. But you have no plans to change yourself even a bit.

Hating People

This is the I Hate People club. Welcome!

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