Things We Don't Use

Things We Don’t Use Anymore

If it wasn’t for technology, we would still be living in those primitive days of waiting to hear from relatives for more than a month. That would have been fun though, wouldn’t it? Not being in contact with anyone. But then again, we wouldn’t have Netflix, which is kind of a modern-day necessity. Because of technology advancements, the following are some of the things we don’t use anymore –

1. CDs
Who remembers those days when we had to own a CD player and an ample amount of CDs to listen to our favourite songs and watch movies? Thanks to the internet and other less complicated storage devices that have made life easier. CD player panels have disappeared from desktops and systems, just like CDs will be disappearing from the world altogether.

Things We Don't Use

2. Watches
If you don’t remember looking at your watch to tell the time, you’re probably too young. There were days when mobile phones didn’t exist. Back then, people told time by the watch. You will still find watches being sold but as an accessory. Nobody uses them for the purpose they were actually built to serve. All thanks to mobile phones, watches are also not used a lot.

Things We Don't Use

3. Phonebooks
Remember when our parents used to search for people’s numbers in a huge handwritten? Or Yellow Pages that were the size of a human being? If people used phonebooks now, they would be laughed at. Thanks to mobile phones again, saving a number is as easy as eating nowadays. All you have to do is dial and click a few buttons, and you’re there. See? Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Things We Don't Use

4. Calculators
Now that we’re here, I realized that a lot of these things have gone out of jobs because of mobile phones. These small-sized things are really a wonder of technology. Back in the early 90s, calculators were used by every person and company to take care of their finances. But now, a mobile phone is all one needs. The largest of calculations can be done. Sorry calculators, you’ll be missed.

Things We Don't Use

5. Photo albums
Making a photo album was a hobby. Hours were spent making one, sort of a weekend project in the family. But the whole process was tedious as getting them developed used to take hours. We would still do it to preserve all memories. But not anymore. Our phones have thousands of photos and videos that can be easily transferred and backed-up as and when we need them.

Photo Album

We’re still thankful for all the things we don’t use. 

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