Neighbourhood Aunties

An Ode To Neighbourhood Aunties

The only people who give us nightmares after the It clown are neighbourhood aunties. If America has FBI, we have neighbourhood aunties to keep track of everyone’s lives except theirs.

We have all been a victim of these ladies at least once in life growing up. Despite our constant efforts, we haven’t been able to wipe them out from our lives completely. They’re like God, omnipresent. Except, they’re all children of the evil.

This is an ode to neighbourhood aunties, a thank you letter from all of us, for single-handedly scaring the life out of us on numerous occasions and being unapologetic about it.

1. A huge thank you that aunty who told our parents that we were roaming with someone from the opposite sex when they were our first cousin.

2. Also, to that aunty who sits on her window like a hawk, watching our every move like they were paid to do so. Our parents don’t care about us that much.

Neighbourhood Aunties

3. And who can forget the aunty who has memorized our schedule? They make sure we run into them every day so they can engage us in small talk.

4. Let’s all express our gratitude to the aunty who is oblivious to the facts of their own children but make it a point out details of your life in front of your parents.

Neighbourhood Aunties

5. Thank you to the aunty from the house next to yours who would break walls between your house and hers just to listen to fights and ask about it later.

6. Dear aunty who thinks that we are smokers just because we were at a pan stall and hang out with other smokers, thank you. Thank you for complaining to our mothers.

Neighbourhood Aunties

7. And aunty you, who thinks just because I’m conversing with my childhood friend, I might be dating him. You should be a professional conclusion finder.

8. We all have great respect for those aunties who gather in groups and start gossiping about everyone who passes by. You guys are the best.

Neighbourhood Aunties

9. We love those kinds of neighbourhood aunties who seek content all around, especially from the young people who are doing nothing but minding their own business.

10. And lastly, thank you to the aunty who gives up all their work just to spend time scrutinizing a bunch of innocent, neighbourhood kids for fun.

Neighbourhood Aunties

Thank you, neighbourhood aunties. You are all important. And if you want to find posh houses to rent near such awesome aunties in Pune, just browse our Pune properties.

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