10 Types of Typical Roommates you are bound to meet!

Living with a roommate is a part of adulting everyone has to go through. Whether you are moving to a big alien city for your studies or are a newbie in the scary world of professionals, having a roommate is an unavoidable convenience which helps you manage your finance better and also, not feel alone.

But will you get a perfect roommate? You can definitely NOT count on it! World is full of different kinds of people and it isn’t necessary you can vibe with each kind. Nevertheless, it is bound to happen so, let’s prepare you for the exposure to all kinds of weirdness that’s coming forth your way the minute you decide to move-in with a buddy that can become your BFF or drive you to insanity!
Here are the typical kinds of roommate one might end up living with:

  • The OCD Clean-Freak
    A balled-up paper in a dark corner of the room or an inside out t-shirt just strewn about on the chair is all it takes for these people to freak out on you! They obsess over keeping the room maintained 24/7 and still loose the edge with a slight inconvenience.
    But in a way it works out for you because they end up doing more than their share of work while you munch on a packet of chips.
  • The Slob
    Always sleepy and always “occupied with something” are the classic traits of a slob. They don’t mind living under the heap of week long unwashed clothes and dishes lying around from two nights ago. This is bound to make anyone go ballistic! The only way out is to be straight and stern with them.
  • The Alpha
    You both share the room and pay the same rent and yet, you can’t feel being pushed around a little by them. Things often go according to their way and you end up compromising many times. But their unconditional loyalty to take things in their own hands helps you take a load off of your shoulders.
  • The Cry-Baby
    A break-up, a sad movie or the slightest of argument can set off their tear ducts! You end up cradling them half of the time while rolling your eyes in exasperation in your mind. But you have got to be careful around them and maybe cushion your blows.
  • The Mom
    You’d think that you’ll enjoy your freedom after years of living under the radar of your parents. But nope. You might feel like your luck has gone stale when your roommate keeps an eye on your comings and goings. They’ll call you again and again when you are running a little late. When you mess up, they won’t be angry, but “disappointed” in you.
    Nonetheless, it is always a sweet fortune to live with someone who cares about you as someone who’s their own.
  • The Ghost
    You know for sure they moved in with their luggage and still pay rent but you never see them around. They are always out (usually till late night), comes for maybe a shower and some food and out they go again!
  • The Hermit
    They are the total opposite of Ghosts. It is almost too easy to locate them always- their room. Usually by their own, with headphones plugged in and a movie running, they hardly go out (even for their classes). It can get a little annoying to have company 24/7!
  • The Party Animal
    It’s only Tuesday and they are all set to kick-off with an all-night party. Always ready with their stock of booze and high heels; not even an early 7am test can stop these crazies! Well it might not be your cup of tea but hey, who are we to run on anyone’s parade!?
  • The Devil-May-Care Ones
    The words “worry” and “care” are not for them. You almost envy their care-free pursuit towards life. A test, upcoming placements, a pandemic, the global warming; nothing bothers them. But this free spirit comes with lack of regard to those around them and so, they go blasting music at two in the night and you basically go back to pulling at your hair.
  • The “Borrower”
    They are always mooching off of you. Somehow, even after labeling everything as your own, you end up losing milk, bread and even your clothes. Upon confrontation, the usual excuse is often that they only borrowed it, with a promise of buying you a new carton. (They never do.)

Well I wish I could say otherwise, but there is no way you can avoid this roommate paradox. These weirdos are coming your way, whether you like it or not and the only way to deal is to accept them and love them anyway! You never know, you might just find the perfect one. When you do, never let them go. And here’s something that might make you feel better- You too, are definitely at-least one of them.

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