Shared Space

Why shared space is better than renting alone

Less expenditure

Living in an apartment all by yourself is not only lonely, but also expensive. The cost of paying rent, buying groceries, paying all the bills and everything else can easily empty your pocket. Not forgetting the extra expenses that come in every month, all the hard earned money will be spent just like that. The most important benefit of living in a shared space is that all the expenses get divided.

Shared space

Less worries

Broken sink, cleaning the apartment, making food, and buying groceries is the only thing that is on your mind 24/7 when you live alone. Apartment isn’t a necessity anymore, it becomes a burden. Think about all the time you could spend partying with your friends but you couldn’t because you had to run house errands. When you live in a shared space, all the work gets divided, so it’s not just you who’s worrying about the errands. That really helps in decreasing the workload and simplifies life to the better.

Shared space

Chance to make new friends

Living in a shared space isn’t only about less expenditure and less worries. It is also an opportunity for individuals to socialize and make new friends. You get to learn so many things about other people, their lifestyle and their attitudes. It’s a healthy way of coming out of your shell and mixing with the environment. It not only makes you open, but also makes you confident.

Shared Space


Adjusting to people

Different people have different ways of getting things done. What may be completely disliked by you, can be liked by someone else. Adjusting is the devising a way of finding the middle path. Adjusting is not only a solution, but a necessity in today’s world. When you live in a shared space, you cannot think about yourself anymore. The more you adjust, the more you can live happily.

Shared space

Makes us think above ourselves

As time passes by, the idea of “we” becomes our priority. It isn’t about us anymore, we start thinking about others as well. This happens when we live with roommates. Getting to know the other person, we learn about each other’s likes and dislikes. We become friends and gradually, they become a part of our lives. We buy groceries according to each other’s preference, respect each other’s space and start taking decisions collectively.  

shared space

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