Things people who hate people will understand

Admit it, you have always thought about how great life was thousands of years ago when there were less people, no internet, and they only people one knew was family. Okay, you always thought of that world with internet, but no social networking site or WhatsApp, so yes to Wi-Fi. How amazing would it be, right? Every person who hates people in general (no offense to homo sapiens), here’s five things that you can relate to :

Human approaching, change direction

When you walk on the sidewalk, or wait for a train at the station, you become a magnet. You come across every person you know. Now a normal person who loves people will run, jump, cuddle, kiss, fall into that person’s arm when they see someone they know. But you my friend, you’ll be all “nooope” and turn around acting like your eyes never saw anybody. And nobody is special in this case, you treat everyone the same.

People who hate people

Phone ringing *avoids*

You are sitting and watching television, or doing something which is far from productive. You’re free, you don’t have anything lined up to do for the day, but you’re pretty satisfied with doing nothing. Suddenly, your phone rings, and you stare at the screen figuring out who’s this person who has the audacity to interfere with your “me” time. This could be an emergency call, they might be dying and they need you to pick up the phone, but you don’t. Because, well, you don’t like people. They should’ve known you’re not the right person to call anytime of the day. Maybe next birth they will know better.

People who hate people

Hell and public places, one and the same

Trains, roads, college/school, parks, museums, temples, and anywhere outside your house; what is common about all these places? Lots and lots of people. You need only one reason to never go to these places, and that’s because there are people present there. You try your best to avoid any places where your eyes have to see a lot of people together, because your brain cannot process so much at once. You’ve had your moments where you have been forced to do so, and you know how painful that is. Your idea of hell is too many people gathered at one place.

People who hate people

People who hate people are your friends

You have a good understanding with other people who hate people. Every time you both meet, you guys talk about how stupid other people are, and how lame they can be. All your conversations with them is based on real-life encounters with irritating people, and how the world will be a better place is certain people were to disappear. You really cherish these people in your life, they are the only people who understand you, and know exactly what you feel.

People who hate people

Home sweet home

You worship your house. Without it, you would have no place to hide in for avoiding human contact. Your idea of partying is sitting at home, eating your food, watching television and having no human voice in the background. Sometimes when you want to do something wild, you’ll go out and walk around a little bit, and come back realizing why you don’t meet anyone. People don’t come and go in your life, and you don’t care, but the one thing that’s always there for you is your home, and you know how important it is to you.

People who hate people

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