Best Friend Is Your Soulmate

Signs That Your Best Friend Is Your Soulmate

Everyone has this one person they tell everything to. This person often knows them better than they know themselves. It’s important to have best friends. Who else is going to tolerate your nonsense 24/7? Who else is going to show up at your house at 2 am with food when you are upset? If you have that kind of person in your life, you already know what it feels like. Here are the signs that your best friend is your soulmate –

1. With one look, you two can communicate nuclear codes to each other, let alone discussing crushes and hunger.

2. Your best friend is on your phone’s ‘frequently contacted’ list. Any minor inconvenience and they receive a call.

Best Friend Is Your Soulmate

3. You both share each and every detail of your day with each other. Be it tripping down the stairs or running into hot strangers.

4. Both of your names are taken together by everyone. Everybody knows you both and the same entities in different bodies.

Best Friend Is Your Soulmate

5. You both have a long list of people you hate. Every time someone takes their name, you both turn red with anger.

6. Your phone calls with your best friend last for about ten years. There’s always something to talk about with them.

Best Friend Is Your Soulmate

7. Every time you’re feeling blue, you can count on them to cheer you up. It may be through a text message but they can do that.

8. You share clothes with your best friend. You only need to tell them that you’re borrowing it and they won’t even ask twice.

Best Friend Is Your Soulmate

9. Your best friend is your happy person. Around them, you never feel lonely or dejected. They make sure about that.

10. They make sure whoever is making you sad is getting a payback soon enough. They either take matters into their own hand or pray hard.

Best Friend Is Your Soulmate

Your best friend is your soulmate, forever.

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