Going On A Vacation

Things To Do Before Going On A Vacation

We are about to be blessed with the vacation season soon. With Christmas and New Year right around the corner, everybody is taking leaves to go away for celebration with family and friends. And why shouldn’t you? All this hard work and dedication you’ve shown at work deserves to end in partying. Even if you weren’t hardworking, you deserve a vacation for staying awake. Go on, treat yourself. Here are some things to do before going on a vacation –

1. Make sure it is happening
Is it happening really? How did you decide on something and end up executing it perfectly? Maybe you have been dreaming all this why. Make sure your vacation is a real thing and not just a part of some parallel universe. Can you really trust your friends to arrive at a decision? Just pinch yourself once to make sure.

Going On A Vacation

2. Disconnect work mail from phone
You don’t need this kind of negativity in life. Imagine sitting on the beach and receiving a mail from the client that they need artworks released by today itself. You may not be there but it’s going to disrupt your life anyway. Better safe than sorry. Disconnect work mail from your phone and have a chill vacation.

Going On A Vacation

3. Pack 50 sets of clothes just in case
Everybody does this. You’ve done it too but we all never learn. So instead of questioning whether you really need that top or not, just put it because after spending hours on deciding, you’re going to put in inside anyway. What if there’s an emergency and the only way to protect yourself is wearing all the clothes.

Going On A Vacation

4. Make sure it is happening once again
Yeah really, it’s astonishing. The whole fact that for the first time in your life, everyone you know arrived at a decision, is really surprising. Maybe it’s still a part of some dream. You don’t want to show up at the airport alone and look like a fool. Text and call everyone every five minutes to be sure about going.

Going On A Vacation

5. Put your travel hat on
Now that you’ve packed, disconnected your work mail and made sure that the whole plan is being executed, enjoy. Put on your travel hat and get ready to explore a new city with your loved ones. It’s not that difficult. You don’t get this opportunity often so make the most of it. Go on and treat yourself, you deserve it all.

Going On A Vacation

Are you going on a vacation anytime soon?

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