Planning your MBA at NMIMS? Here’s how you can make this transition easier

It’s a fact that most of us haven’t got life all figured out. To those who have; lets keep away from the judgement for a while. Many of us are at a point in our lives where we just lie on the bed with our droopy eyes, gaping mouths and a constant subconscious need to groan out of the sheer exasperation to find the answer of the ever-so daunting question- What to do next in life!?

Grappling with COVID, this quest of thriving for the next step in their careers has become even more confusing for the recent graduates. Obviously, everyone wants to get into an assured venture for a secure future. And what’s one of the most assured, preferred and lucrative option for that? MBA. But even after that, there is quite a tough journey ahead. Scoring information on what all different colleges have to offer, registering and keeping up with their updates, preparing for the entrances, then finally zeroing on the best options suited for yourself. IIMB, XLRI, Symbiosis, NMIMS, etc. are among a wide range of colleges one has to choose from and it can be quite tough.

So here are a few details about why NMIMS can be a very lucrative choice (being one of the most flourishing management institutes) for you and how you should plan your stay and routine should you choose to go for it!

MBA- Nasree Monjee Institute of Management and Science (NMIMS) is structured in Juhu, Mumbai. Two years, full-time program spread over six trimesters leads to a degree in Masters in Business Administration. NMIMS also has a well-established five years integrated course MBA (Tech.) which is basically B.Tech. + MBA.

Academia Key Highlights

A modish institute with a course structure which focuses on real time studies, is well endowed with an infrastructure of library, labs, study rooms, a cafeteria which is very generous in variety in its menu and whatnot. Special classes in French, German and Spanish, CEO class guest lectures, workshops, business simulation games, are some of the factors which contribute to an all-round development of the pursuant. All major MNCs offer their placements to the students.

This was all about the academia mumbo-jumbo. Now let’s dig into the fun stuff!

Mumbai’s Exposure

Biggest ace that NMIMS has to offer is the exposure that comes with it being in Mumbai. The behemoth that is this city, you get a fast paced contemporary, career driven lifestyle, because Mumbai will never let you just stay put. You gotta be on your toes all the time, so, say goodbye to your lazy days.

You Common Addas

While Mumbai, in its complete capacity has a lot of places to just hang, let’s focus on the common ADDAs around NMIMS. To sugarcoat it, Mumbai has a teeny-tiny crunch of space. This means no long and acres on acres of college campus. Nevertheless, NMIMS in itself is a beautiful building to hang in. The common open area in the middle of the building has lawn chairs, outdoor tables and lots of greenery, making it a common nest of students just sitting around and studying.

Next, you step out the college and there you have it- an array of stalls with heavenly street food. “Dheeraj Vadapav” and “Anand Stall” are the most visited stalls not just in the area, but in the entire Mumbai. With a wide range of vadapavs, dosas, sandwiches and frankies, these stalls are often packed with students out for a quick snack. So, while you might miss your home food, don’t you worry because they have got some finger-licking, cheap yet clean food lock and loaded for you!

Mumbai is known for its nightlife. You don’t want to just sit around at your place on a weekend when the streets are bustling with high dopamine levels! Thankfully, Juhu has some of the chicest pubs like R Adda, Yeda, Bora Bora, Tipling Street, Bomba Stock Exchange (BSE). Next, you walk out of R Adda or Yeda and you got the soothing waves of Silver Beach just around the corner. Silver Beach and Juhu Beach are your perfect retreats in the early mornings when classes get cancelled.

Stay option near NMIMS

NMIMS has a strict attendance policy against which they can levy heavy penalty on you even leading to disbarment. Yup, that’s pretty morbid about it! So, if you are an out-station student then you would want to rent a house near NMIMSonly. There are a lot of areas which provide a wide variety of stay options near NMIMS.

  • Juhu
    The most obvious option is ofcourse, renting a house near NMIMSin Juhu itself. Being a college hub that the area is, a lot of PGs near NMIMShave also been established. A very serene area to live in, but it can be quite expensive.
  • Vile Parle
    Vile Parle West, being only 1Km-1.5km is the next best area to live in. You will Lots of great properties within close range of the institute. Being a posher area, the accommodations can be pricey but a thorough search can yield very promising results.
    Vile Parle East is about 3.5Km from the institute and has a lot of cheaper options. It is also comparatively easier to find 1BHK andc1.5 BHK properties in this area.
  • Andheri
    Andheri has a lot of viable options to stay in. Andheri West includes areas like Versova, Lokhandwala and D.N. Nagar. All these areas have more endowed properties but within reasonable range. It is about 4.5km from NMIMS so the distance can easily be covered via road. Although being the busiest suburbs in the city, the traffic can slow you down in case you have classes around noon.
    Andheri East will give you comparatively cheaper accommodations. Being 6Km away from the institute, it too allows you to travel the distance via road only with not much hassle. All the more, with Andheri’s large network of local trains, you can reach the Vile Parle West station after which it is only a 15 minutes’ walk to the college.
  • Santacruz
    Santacruz West is around 2.5km from the institute, making it quite within a close proximity. Properties in Santacruz West are comparatively cheaper than other west areas.
    Santacruz East, on the other hand, is a farther around 6km from NMIMS. A lot of cheaper options for accommodations with more options for 1BHK and 1.5BHK can be found here.  Both the areas are well connected via a simple network of road as well as local trains.

Although there are a lot of options for you to stay, but finding the right one can be pretty tricky. There is so much to deal with like brokers, the “no bachelors” rule, negotiating, furnishing and whatnot!
Furthermore, you are turning to your 20s now. You are obviously expecting a hip life ahead! So, forget renting a room in a dingy PG with a time curfew, overwhelming crowd and a warden 24/7 on your back and experience the better way of co-living by renting an apartment with GetSetHome. A professionally managed rental platform, GetSetHome understands the toils of a student coming to a big city and aims at making your renting process hassle-free by handling all the tasks its own level. All you got to do is pack that luggage of yours and move-in! So, strap your belts for an overall learning and fun experience with NMIMS and GetSetHome.

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