Unspoken Roommate Laws

Unspoken Roommate Laws

You might have the best roommate in the world who’s caring and easy to live with, but there are certain things that you to always be careful about. To be living in a healthy environment, there are certain rules you need to follow, or it just doesn’t get any easier. Following are some unspoken roommate laws that you should know about.
1. Never barge inside your roommate’s room without knocking. They may love you and everything, but everyone expects privacy and common decency from others.
2. Make sure you don’t go on making a mess out of the apartment every time. You may like the mess, but your roommate might not and you should respect that.
3. Playing loud music without asking them first is a complete no-no. They might be in the middle of a very important work and the music could disturb them.
4. Don’t steal the food they’ve kept in the fridge. You might think that they’ll let go, but everybody loses it when it comes to food.
5. Hosting house parties without informing them is inviting unnecessary trouble. Nobody likes walking to a room full of drunk people.
6. Do not use their cosmetics or personal items without permission. You already have that experience with your siblings, so you know how irritating it is.
7. Always do your share of work. Your roommates are not your nannies who’ll keep informing you about the work you’re supposed to do.
8. Wearing their clothes without asking them is the worst thing you could do. It’s a given that you don’t wear other people’s clothes.
9. Do not host people they don’t like without informing them before hand. You’ll not only be avodiing an awkward encounter but also helping them not feel uncomfortable.
10. Lurking in their room when their not home. Not only do you invade their privacy, but also confirm that you’re a sociopath.
11. When they have a lot of work to do, don’t force them to spending time with you. You might ruin your future possibilities of hanging out with them.
12. If they are unknown to the best TV shows of the west, it becomes your responsibility to introduce them to it without anyone saying that to you. Save them.
13. When it comes to splitting the bill, do that without them having to ask you themselves. They’re just as broke as you are.
Rommies, not homies.
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