Types Of Best Friends

Types Of Best Friends

Everyone knows there’s a whole category of friends. There are people you barely know, a group of people you hung out with once and never reverted to their texts after that, some people from college, others from work, and then you have your best friends. Your best friends are people who tolerate your bullshit on daily basis and still don’t leave you. However, they come in all shapes and sizes. Here’s the different types of best friends you’ll find in your life –

1. The Soulmate
Who said you can only find soulmates in your partners? Best friends make better soulmates. You can always count on these kind of best friends because they’re basically you. With them, it’s so much easy to communicate and have fun, without having to worry about them judging you. All your deepest, darkest secrets are known to them so you really can’t afford to lose them.

Types Of Best Friends

2. The Frenemy
Everyone has this one best friend who they pretend to hate. Insulting each other on daily basis is a necessity because you cannot afford to break character. At every party, it is your silly antics that keeps everyone laughing all the time. Without them, your life would have absolutely no meaning. Inside all this pretension, they’re very valuable to you.

Types Of Best Friends

3. The Long Distance Best Friend
This is a best friend who you can’t talk to on daily basis because they’re away. Regular Skype sessions become irregular but the love doesn’t die at all. Every time they come back to town, you guys have the best of time gossiping about everyone you hate. But when it’s time for them to go back, you get just as sad as you did when they first left. It’ll get better.

Types Of Best Friends

4. The New Best Friend
You don’t know them for long enough, but you instantly connect with them. They’re relatively new in your life, but you have a good feeling about them. You want to tell them everything that goes on in your life. When you can’t find solace in anybody, you can always count on them to find the peace you need. Also, your old friends are jealous of their influence in your life.

Types Of Best Friends

5. The Still Going Strong Best Friend
This best friend is not someone you meet everyday. It’s probably weeks or months since you’ve last spoken to them, but it never seems like that with them. Even if it’s years, you’ll share the same chemistry with them. The best part about them is that there’s no drama involved at all. Your friendship with them is purely based on love and mutual hate for some person.

Types Of Best Friends

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