Harry Potter Day

How To Celebrate Harry Potter Day

Gather around, Potterheads! It’s our day. Today is our childhood hero’s and the brilliant writer’s birthday who created him. If it wasn’t for July 31st 1965, J. K. Rowling wouldn’t have existed. Neither would have the boy who lived. Can you imagine growing up without Harry Potter? We spent hours in front of the television, watching Harry’s journey from one year to another at Hogwarts, wishing a world like that really existed. We all religiously watched all the parts as they came out, and some of us even read the books to get an in-depth knowledge of this story we’ve grown to love. It’s Harry Potter Day today and here’s how you should be spending it –

1. A Harry Potter Marathon
What is better than spending the whole day watching all the eight parts in one sitting with your friends who equally love it? You should absolutely get together with lots of food and celebrate this day. You can find the movie series anywhere online to download. Lay out some pillows and begin the ride.

Harry Potter Day

2. Harry Potter-themed Party
If you can’t watch all the eight parts of Harry Potter because of work the next day (boring), throw a three-hour Harry Potter-themed party. Dress as your favourite characters, tell people to show up with their own booze and order some pizzas. Dance like you are all at the Yule Ball and honour Harry Potter day.

Harry Potter Day

3. Butterbeer Night
It’s not a celebration without alcohol. If you feel like going out on this blessed day, get some fellow Harry Potter fan friends and go out for some Butterbeers, or whatever alcohol you can find. Some trendy places around your city might be having a Harry Potter theme at their restaurant. If not, you always got alcohol.

Harry Potter Day

4. Read Fan Fictions
If you’re more of an introvert who would like to spend time alone, you can plan the whole evening for yourself. Order some pizza, pour some wine and get online. Read some amazing fan fictions about Harry Potter. It’s the one topic nobody can know enough about. Except for the great J. K. Rowling, of course.

Harry Potter Day

5. The Book Club
If you are and know some hardcore fans of Harry Potter who remember each and every word in the book, have a little get-together. Spend Harry Potter day talking about the books you love so passionately and what makes them special. It’s always fun to spend time with people who like the same things as you do.

Harry Potter Day

Happy Birthday Harry and J. K. Rowling!

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