What To Do When You Run Into Classmates

What To Do When You Run Into Classmates

If running into people is not one of your favourite things to do in life, welcome to the club. People are never nice. It’s just pretense and then they continue speaking about you. When in school, you knew many such pretentious people and you’re happy that you passed out. But this world is a small place. The universe always conspires to put you into awkward situations. But don’t you worry, there are various solutions. Here’s what to do when you run into classmates –

1. Walk by
There’s nothing better than ignoring them and pretending like you don’t know who they are. Why should they be the only ones who pretend? You’re good at the game too. Prove that you are and just walk past them, listening to your music because you really don’t want to know how they are doing.

What To Do When You Run Into Classmates

2. Roll eyes
Want to spice things up a bit? Want to ignite some fire and watch things burn? Just roll your eyes when you see them showing how much you hate their existence in the world and make them wonder what have they done to get a reaction like that. This is you trying to create some drama in life.

What To Do When You Run Into Classmates

3. Be surprised
Yes, you’re surprised. You’re surprised that the Almighty hasn’t punished them for their sins yet. You’re surprised they didn’t go to jail just like you hoped because they have been exhibiting criminal behaviour since childhood. You’re surprised to be put in such an awkward situation.

What To Do When You Run Into Classmates

4. Talk nonsense
The only way to get people to stop talking to you is to prove to them that you are such psychopath who needs to be put in an asylum. Talk all the nonsense in the world, about things that don’t even exist, and make them believe you’ve gone crazy. They’ll leave you alone within a minute.

What To Do When You Run Into Classmates

5. Push them
Here’s another way of dealing with people. As soon as you see them approaching towards you to spark a conversation and try to care about your life when in reality they just need some new gossip, push them as hard as you can and run away. If nothing else works, this should do it.

What To Do When You Run Into Classmates

Now that’s not too difficult, is it?

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