Shopping Alone

Problems You Face While Shopping Alone

You can’t know how indecisive you are as a person if you haven’t been shopping. Until a certain age, it is our parents who decide what clothes we would be wearing.

Life was so much simpler as you didn’t have to spend two hours deciding what accessory would suit your outfit. It was all pre-planned, taken care of by your parents.

But thanks to time, we’ve grown up and have to take those decisions alone. The problem with shopping alone is that you don’t know a lot of things. Following are some problems you face while shopping alone –

1. The options

There are many clothes out there. Clothes that you could buy if you had that kind of money. Because you only make a certain amount every month and can only spend some of it on dressing yourself, you have to choose. This is where the trouble begins. Choosing clothes that you think would look good on you is a task you could do better if there was someone else to help you.

Shopping Alone

2. No second opinion

Further elaborating on why you need someone to give you a second opinion on what clothes to choose, we come to point number two. When it comes to shopping, you are not enough. You may think something looks good on you but it can be completely opposite in reality. You can always send pictures to your best friend but it won’t be as good as them being there.

Shopping Alone

3. Trial room dilemma

Shopping alone is a disaster when you have to plan multiple trips to the trial room. In most places, only three items of clothing are allowed at a time. What does that mean? Running for trying everything more than thrice. This moment is when you wish you really had someone else to hold some clothes for you outside helping you decide which one to buy. HELP!

Shopping Alone

4. Do you really need that?

Everything comes in two categories. The first category is things you can do without and the second category is things you absolutely need to have. ‘Do I really need that’ moments come to a lot of times when shopping. For someone who is as indecisive as you, you really wish someone was there to tell you if the money you’re going to spend on one piece of clothing is really worth it.

Shopping Alone

5. Carrying everything alone

Do you know how you go to buy one thing and come back with two cars worth of stuff? Same. It’s a universal fact. Those who don’t do the same are either liars or could make a fortune running self-control classes. A million shopping bags with just two hands to carry them is what you do to yourself. You really wish you had called someone to tag along and share the load with you.

Shopping Alone

Pro-tip: Never go shopping alone.

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