Life Without Social Media

Life Without Social Media

Reading the title if you realized how social media is ruling your life, welcome to the club, amigo! There are a lot of people here, as all you need to be a part of this circus is a smartphone.

If you’ve been a part of those times when the only human connection was through the telephone, you know how simple life used to be back then. Thanks to social media, people are one message away, even when they are too far from you.

But have you ever thought about what life without social media would be? Hard to imagine, am I right? All this would happen if we lived in a world without social media –

1. Fewer interactions

Anyone who doesn’t like meeting new people and is just on every social media platform just for the heck of it is me. But not everyone understands the concept of that. They expect you to interact, and you’re labeled as a sociopath if you don’t. No social media would mean less social interactions, which is a great deal altogether.

Life Without Social Media

2. Fewer opinions

While social media may be a boon and everything, the one problem is opinions. As the number of people increases, unwanted opinions also increase. Life without social media would mean getting your picture framed and putting it up at every corner of the wall without anyone telling you that you look ugly. Unfriend such people immediately.

Life Without Social Media

3. Less drama

If it wasn’t for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other apps, we wouldn’t have so much drama to deal with. You’re not the only one to have problems in your life just because you liked this one picture. Your best friend wouldn’t stop talking to you because you put up a story partying somewhere else when you were supposed to meet them.

Life Without Social Media

4. Fewer people

Getting on social media means you have to deal with a lot of people. A world without social media would mean not having to see stupid people post about stupid things all the time. You can sip coffee in the evening sitting on the balcony, without thinking about how stupid can be. This sounds like a really good deal to me.

Life Without Social Media

5. Less hatred

You know how you open social media today and see people hating each other everywhere? That wouldn’t be the case if we didn’t have social media. People would be busy doing nothing alone instead of spending time switching through apps, finding new things to get offended at. There wouldn’t be love but there wouldn’t be hatred either.

Life Without Social Media

Life without social media sounds peaceful.

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