International Beer Day

Things People Say After Having Few Beers

If you need another reason to drink tonight, the first one being Friday, you’ll be delighted to know that it’s International Beer Day. Gather some friends and avail beer day discounts at bars near you. There is no better way to spend this Friday. After having a few beers, everybody gets real. All that play pretend, talking in English and behaving in a sophisticated way starts to decline. People start showing who they are, and honestly, I think that is beautiful. Here are some of the things people say after having beers. Take a look at what you’ll be after a few beers tonight.

1. “Tu Mera Bhai Hai Bhai!”
A few beers down and people start grabbing their friends to tell them how much they love them. The drunker you are, the more love you’ll be declaring to your friend. With women, they’ll say that to other women who they might have just met in the washroom.¬†When drunk, everyone wants to prove their friendships.

International Beer Day

2. “Dhokha De Diya Yaar!”
If you don’t think about your failed relationships, people who led you on and people who cheated on you, are you even drunk? Consider it as a self-torture. Why else would you remember them? You start conveying the same story all over again to your friends, trying to find where you messed up and eventually realized they were stupid.

International Beer Day

3. “Zindagi Jhand Ho Gayi Hai Yaar!”
There is one thing common with every human in this adult world. We’re all dealing with monotony in our lives, in different forms. We’re tired of it but have to continue doing everything we do every day because how else would we survive in this world? Days like International Beer Day, weekends and holidays are to complain about it.

International Beer Day

4. “Main Theek Hun!”
After a few drinks, when you’re standing at the bar dancing to ‘Jumma Chumma De De’, everyone knows you’re not fine. Everyone knows you can throw up at any moment and pass out on the floor if nobody took care of you. But what do you? You keep assuring everyone that you’re fine. Who are you lying to, child? Let’s get you some water.

International Beer Day

5. “Aur Peena Hai!”
What is the point of drinking beer if you don’t wake up with a headache the next day? Even when your friends are stopping you from ordering that beer you say is going to be your last, you don’t really stop. People always want more alcohol when they are drunk. Because more alcohol means more high, which means completely losing yourself.

International Beer Day

Happy International Beer Day, Y’all!

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